MyPillow Mike Lindell: Investigated For Possible Identity Theft

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Description from YouTube: “MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is being investigated for possibly stealing the identity of another person in order to gain access to voting machines in Colorado. We know this because Lindell was stupid enough to share the entire search warrant with the public that shows the severity of what is actually happening”.


Title from YouTube: “FBI Seized Mike Lindell’s Phone At A Fast Food Restaurant”


Title from YouTube: “Trump Appointed Judge Delivers Brutal Smackdown To MyPillow CEO In Court”

Description from YouTube: “A Trump-appointed judge delivered a stunning blow to Mike Lindell and his legal team that includes Alan Dershowitz late last week, telling them that not only is he NOT going to give Lindell his phone back, but also denying their request for a special master. To add another level of irony, the judge actually cited a ruling from just last week where the 11th Circuit did a similar thing to Donald Trump”.



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