Republican J. D. Vance: Wrong for Ohio

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Ad shows why Republican J. D. Vance is wrong for Ohio and how you’d have to be stupid to vote for him


Two Faces


JD Vance: Puppet For Foreign Interests


JD Vance Made Millions while Ohio Lost Jobs


Vance says Rape is Inconvenient


JD Vance didn’t help fix the opioid crisis. He made it worse.


J.D. Vance: Calls Rape ‘Inconvenient’

Ohio Republican Senate Candidate J.D. Vance defended Texas’s abortion ban, even in cases of rape and incest, which he referred to as ‘inconvenient.



Vance calls law enforcement Corrupt



JD Vance Suggests Divorce Should Be Banned


J.D. Vance is like Marjorie Taylor Greene



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