Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema Sucks & Are Dumb-Ass Idiots

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Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema Sucks for refusing eliminate the filibuster so Voting Rights legislation can pass. They’re are Dumb-Ass, Delusional Idiots for using bipartisanship as part of their decision because Republicans hasn’t given a DAMN about bipartisanship, decency or fair play for a long time.

  • In 2000, Republicans STOLE the 2000 Election by illegally purging thousands of voters off the voter rolls in Florida and used the Republican dominated Supreme Court to stop counting the votes.
  • When Obama was elected president in 2008, Republicans made an agreement to BLOCK him on everything.
  • When Justice Antonin Scalia died, Republicans BLOCKED President Obama’s Supreme Court Seat pick stating “The people should decide” during an election year.
  • As soon as Illegitimate President Trump took office, REPUBLICANS eliminated the filibuster to fill Obama’s stolen Supreme Court Seat with Neil Gorsuch with less than 60 votes.
  • REPUBLICANS eliminated the filibuster to cram more than Trump / Republican appointed 200 judges to the federal bench, most of whom the American Bar association deemed “Unqualified”.
  • After Ruth Ginsburg died Republicans proved to be PARTISAN HYPOCRITES by committing to fill her seat weeks before the 2020 election, cramming Radical Right Wing Nutcase, Amy Comey Barrett down Americans throats SOLELY because she’s expected to rule on issues like Roe V. Wade & “Affordable Healthcare” a certain way


Manchin’s 30-Year Corruption Scandal EXPOSED


MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell discusses the lies and contempt in Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s speech opposing changing the Senate rules to pass voting rights. Her position now, Lawrence says, is that “Republicans have to approve everything Kyrsten Sinema wants to do or she won’t try to do it.”


The Arizona Democratic Party has formally voted to censure Sen. Kyrsten Sinema after she voted against a rules change for voting rights legislation


Kyrsten Sinema – Bought And PAID For

Big Pharma and GOP Donors Poured Money Into Kyrsten Sinema’s Campaign in September as she obstructed Democrats Build Back Better economic agenda. How Nothing Gets Done.


Five veterans are publicly resigning from an advisory council for Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and calling her out for “hanging your constituents out to dry” as she continues to impede the progress on key portions of President Biden’s legislative agenda.

The letter, which was obtained by The New York Times, is featured in an advertisement by progressive veterans’ group Common Defense. “You have become one of the principal obstacles to progress, answering to big donors rather than your own people,” the veterans who had served on Sinema’s advisory council since 2019 wrote.

Sinema, along with centrist Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), has been an obstacle for Democrats hoping to pass major legislation to expand the social safety net and mitigate the climate crisis. Sinema has steadfastly opposed increasing corporate and individual income tax rates to pay for new social spending, leaving Democrats in a difficult position. They need all of their party’s senators to support the bill in order to bypass the filibuster and pass it through reconciliation. In the letter, the veterans also criticize Sinema for failing to support Democrats’ For the People Act to protect voting rights, as well as her opposition to proposals to lower prescription drug prices under Medicare by allowing the agency to negotiate for better deals, a stance that may be connected to her close ties with Arizona biotech companies.


Five Veterans Resign From Kyrsten Sinema’s Advisory Board Over Her ‘Obstacles To Progress’


MSNBC’S Chris Hayes calls Kyrsten Sinema out!


As Joe Biden’s agenda languishes without her support, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is spending her week fundraising in Europe.


Joe Manchin Took Right-Wing Corporate Money Right Before He Flipped On Voting Legislation

Joe Manchin hadn’t received any money at all from the right wing corporate lobbyists at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce since 2012. But recently, the Chamber decided to start giving money to Manchin again, and soon after he penned his ridiculous op-ed saying that he can’t support the voting rights legislation that he had championed just two years prior. We can’t say for certain that the corporate money warped his brain, but it is a safe bet to make that assumption.


New Report Investigates Manchin’s Coal Ties As He Haggles Over Build Back Better

Joe Manchin’s coal ties are investigated in a new report as Build Back Better negotiations continue. Daniel Boguslaw, who authored this report for The Intercept, joins Joy Reid with the key details.


After how Republican’s stole Obama’s Supreme Court appointment and other ruthless conduct, Joe Manchin sucks & is delusional by refusing to vote for the Voting Rights Act and end the Filibuster, because Republicans have no interest in compromise and can’t be reasoned with. They are dedicated to destroying what little democracy we have, therefore the Voting Rights Act, HR1 MUST be passed. The Filibuster must be eliminated to make that happen.


The Biggest Con Artists In Congress Expose Themselves

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have earned themselves bad reputations. Richard Ojeda breaks it down.


Joe Manchin FAILS AMERICA. He’s Teaming Up With Mitch McConnell to Dismantle Voting Rights

Jesse talks about Joe Manchin’s dedication to the Republican Party rather than to free and fair access to voting for all Americans.


Joe Manchin Just Handed Republicans The Midterms On A Silver Platter

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin apparently doesn’t like being part of the majority party, as he announced in an op-ed over the weekend that he will NOT be supporting the voting rights expansion legislation known as the For The People Act. This move could easily cost Democrats the midterms based solely on the number of people that wouldn’t be able to vote with these added protections. But worse than that is Manchin’s reasoning, which makes absolutely no sense at all.


Trump Praises Joe Manchin For Being A Spineless Coward

Joe Manchin received praise from former President Donald Trump on Monday morning for saying that he won’t support getting rid of the filibuster to end Republican obstruction. Trump said that Manchin was right to do this, and that he’s always liked Manchin – echoing claims Manchin actually made not that long ago. But this is also incredibly hypocritical, as Trump wanted McConnell to kill the filibuster when he was president.


Poll shows Manchin out of step with West Virginia voters on voting rights bill

Rachel Maddow shares details from a new poll that shows West Virginia voters of all political stripes are very supportive of the For The People Act to protect voting rights, which makes it all the more odd that Senator Joe Manchin, who represents West Virginia, does not.


Joe Manchin Pledges To Kill Democracy

Senator Joe Manchin pledged in an op-ed that he will not eliminate the filibuster in order to pass massively popular voting rights reforms – as big money in politics push to kill the For The People Act.


DNC Chair With Direct Response to Sen. Joe Manchin Bill Decision

DNC Chairman, Jaime Harrison, joins MSNBC’s Alex Witt to talk about the importance of voter access in the country


There can be no compromises with today’s conspiracy-fueled, hate-filled Republican Party. We are only one election away from losing what little Democracy we have left unless Republicans are VOTED OUT.


Manchin, Sinema Chasing A Mythical Bipartisan Beast By Defending Filibuster

On Senator Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema’s refusal to abolish the filibuster, Joy says “What the Senators are choosing to ignore, as they chase this mythical bipartisan beast, is that the current batch of Senate Republicans have shown no interest in compromise.”


Jonathan Capehart compares Joe Manchin Seeking Bipartisanship from Republicans to a boy looking for Donkey in a pile of manure


The filibuster started as an accident. Today it lets the losers rule Congress.


Why we need to end the filibuster to save our democracy. The filibuster is undemocratic, impractical, and its history is rooted in white supremacy.


G.O.P. Donors Back Manchin and Sinema as They Reshape Biden’s Agenda (Published 2021)

The two Democratic senators are attracting campaign contributions from business interests and conservatives as progressives fume over their efforts to pare back the president’s domestic policy bill.

GOP Donors Back Manchin and Sinema as They Reshape Biden’s Agenda

Per the above article; “Over the summer, as he was working to scale back President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia traveled to an $18 million mansion in Dallas for a fundraiser that attracted Republican and corporate donors who have cheered on his efforts.

In September, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who along with Manchin has been a major impediment to the White House’s efforts to pass its package of social and climate policy, stopped by the same home to raise money from a similar cast of donors for her campaign coffers”.


Joe Manchin showed us who he is by standing and clapping for TRUMP… a politician who will do / say what-ever it takes to hold onto his seat.




Here’s a list of some of the ROTTEN stuff Republicans have done which Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema are enabling by failing to pass the Voting Right Bill and eliminate the Filibuster.









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