NATO Responsible for Russia Invading Ukraine

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NATO is partly responsible for Putin / Russia’s Invasion due to failing to make Ukraine a NATO member. If NATO had accepted Ukraine as a member and/or threatened Putin with WWIII if he invaded, all of the death, destruction, rape and atrocities committed might have been prevented.

President Zelenskyy and the Ukraine Military’s courageous fighting against Russian Invaders proved Ukraine is worthy of being a NATO member.

This has now become a battle between Good / Democracy and an Evil Fascist Autocratic Dictatorship in which Democracy MUST win.


Russian military buildup near Ukraine

When Satellite images showed a Russian military buildup near the Ukraine border… NATO, European Nations and the United States should have giving Russian Dictator Putin the strongest warning possible telling him it would be WWIII if he invaded Ukraine. This might have prevented Putin’s Invasion.


More than 2,000 Ukrainians have died since Russian invasion began


Mariupol bombed into rubble, people’s lives destroyed because NATO / Europe failed to Stop Putin from Invading Ukraine


Women Raped Because NATO / Europe failed to stop Putin from Invading Ukraine







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