Liberals Celebrate Trump Getting Indicted!

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Michael Rapaport laughs & gloats about Trump getting Indicted on 37 Counts. Liberals Celebrate Trump FINALLY getting what he deserves!










Hanssen, Aldrich, Montes, Walker, Pelton – Trump is joining the traitor hall of fame for stealing our county’s secrets and covering it up.


Trump Indicted on 37 Felony counts, including 31 under the Espionage Act of “willful retention” of classified records.

A federal indictment unsealed Friday charges former President Donald Trump with 37 felony counts stemming from an investigation into the presence of a trove of classified information at his Florida estate and other locations after he left office.

Prosecutors led by special counsel Jack Smith allege that Trump arranged to remove a massive collection of highly sensitive classified material — much of which consists of intelligence about the “defense and weapons capabilities” of the United States and foreign countries — to his private residence as he left the White House in January 2021.


Trump indictment: Here are the charges


Trump Charged in Classified Documents Case: A Legal Analysis

Trump was charged with 37 counts in the investigation into his handling of classified documents. In his indictment, federal prosecutors lay out how they allege the former president kept national-defense information he knew he wasn’t supposed to have.


Trump DOJ Charges: ‘Smoking gun’ evidence came from Trump himself

Lies and failed lawyer plots led to Donald Trump’s DOJ indictment which alleges Trump obstructed prosecutors trying to recover the classified documents. The New York Times reporting tapes from Trump’s own lawyers created the “roadmap” to his indictment. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber breaks down new clues and strong evidence in U.S. v Donald Trump.


‘He’s toast.’ Trump facing 100 years in prison.

“Forget president of the United States, Donald Trump is unfit to be the treasurer of your local rotary club. He is a real & present danger to our nation’s secrets, security, & democracy, whether inside or outside of a prison cell.” Mehdi Hasan on the indictment of Donald Trump.


Retired U.S. Army general blasts Trump in a devastating rant — and destroys every single one of his Republican enablers who are claiming that Trump “did nothing wrong” when he stole military intel. First, the former general set his sights on Donald Trump, declaring that “those in the military” are “the most pissed off” about Trump stealing Intel secrets.”
Then, the decorated General Mark Hertling declared that the sheer amount of Intel stolen is “gobsmacking” — but that’s not the worst part. The general revealed that even though the media is describing some of the Intel as “war plans,” the reality is MUCH worse.

He continued, “The documents were likely extremely detailed intelligence assessments, with potential foe (and ally) capabilities and weaknesses — and American war capabilities that we would not want anyone — especially our foes, to know. I have seen intel agencies, military units, foreign service officers put sweat and blood into providing these documents, making sure they are accurate. All those individuals KNOW they must get it right, because their work, their assessments, are provided to key decision-makers.

He continued, “One phrase in the indictment struck me like a bullet. Trump saying: ‘my boxes.’ None of these are his ‘personal papers.’ These documents provide information and intelligence – gathered through the use of US capabilities, put together by really smart, dedicated, patriotic individuals — to be used by US officials to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”
Then, he set his sights on all of the Republican leaders, who are continuing to defend Trump, calling them “moronic” and declaring that, “Military and intel officials are pissed. All Americans should be equally pissed. But it seems that many are not — only because of how some in government are treating this case.”


Trump indictment is ‘vindication for the rule of law’

Professor Laurence Tribe tells MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell that accountability might finally reach Donald Trump after he was indicted in the documents case by Jack Smith, who Tribe says put together a “devastating” case using Trump’s own words of “espionage of the most serious sort.”


DOJ has ZERO SYMPATHY for Trump Co-Conspirator

Walt Nauta was indicted instead of being given a full immunity deal as a result of his Trump-Save America PAC-paid lawyer screwing up a meeting with the DOJ in November 2022, and why his lawyer’s new attacks on the DOJ may lead to his own disqualification.


Michael Rapaport laughs & gloats about Trump getting indicted on allegations linked to a business records investigation related to a “hush money” payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Trump is the first former president in U.S. history to face criminal charges.


The charges against Donald Trump explained in brief

Rachel Maddow explains how a set of hush money payments turned into criminal felony charges for Donald Trump.




Michael Rapaport Cerebrates Trumps 2nd impeachment!

Trump accomplished what no other President in history was able to accomplish… getting impeached twice!



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