Ron DeSantis Accused Of Workplace Harassment

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Ron DeSantis accused of bullying and workplace harassment

Description from YouTube: “A group of former staffers for Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis have formed their own “support group” to talk about the horrible experiences they had working for the governor…and his wife. Apparently Ron and his wife would routinely bully and demean these staffers, by their own accounts, and the work environment was absolutely atrocious. Farron Cousins discusses this”.


POLITICO Playbook: Scarred DeSantis staffers form a support group

There may be turbulence ahead for Rep. ELISE STEFANIK as she wrestles the GOP leadership post from Rep. LIZ CHENEY (R-Wyo.) next week. DONALD TRUMP is sold on the New York Republican after her unbending show of loyalty to him ( the NYT lays out the latest examples of her fealty here).

Per the above article; “Within six months of taking office as governor in 2019, DeSantis fired five staffers. One was a 23-year-old scheduler who’d been with him since the beginning of his gubernatorial race. Shortly after she was sent packing, an unnamed member of DeSantis’ administration was quoted in a Florida blog trashing her performance. A month later, his deputy chief of staff left, prompting Florida reporters to press him about the rapid churn in his operation.

A “support group” of former DeSantis staffers meets regularly to trade war stories about their hardship working for the governor. The turnover in his office and among his campaign advisers is well known among Republicans: In three of his five full years in Congress, he ranked in at least the 70th percentile in terms of highest turnover in a House office, according to data compiled by Legistorm. In the governor’s office, he has only two staffers who started with him when he was a junior member of Congress”.


Ron DeSantis Accused Of Workplace Harassment By Former Staffers – Newsonyx

Ron DeSantis and his wife Casey have been accused by former staffers who have formed a support group of bullying and other harassment while working for him.

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