Jan 6 Rioters Met with Republican Congressmen and Trump Staff

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New report from Rolling Stone claims Jan 6 Rioters Met with Republicans and Trump Staff numerous times. Insurrectionists Planned Attack w/ Members of Congress & Were Offered Preemptive “Blanket Pardons!”


Trump & Meadows Were Warned About Threat of Violence & Watched it Happen!


NEW VIDEO: Insurrectionist Shown Taking Reconnaissance Photos During Capitol Tour!

esse talks about the latest video released by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection. In this video, Congressman Barry Loudermilk gives a group of people a tour of the House office buildings while one of the members of the tour takes bizarre photos of congressional offices, stairwells, security checkpoints, etc etc.


Rolling Stone Article: Members of Congress Assisted Insurrection Organizers; Gosar Dangles Pardons

In what can appropriately be referred to as a blockbuster story, Rolling Stone magazine reported that members of Congress and their staff met with and assisted those who organized the January 6 Trump rally/insurrection.

In a related story, CNN reported that five members of Trump’s White House staff are also meeting with the House Select Committee and providing information about what was happening inside the White House in the run-up to the 1/6 attack on the US Capitol.

This video also explores the significant problems attendant to law enforcement authorities in the event they refuse/fail to investigate the criminal culpability of those who organized and incited the insurrection, including an examination of the federal crime of accessory after the fact, 18 United States Code section 3.


Capitol Rioters Snitch on Republican Congressional Allies

The January 6 Capitol Rioters just snitched on the Congresspeople who helped them plan


An explosive story in Rolling Stone by Hunter Walker reveals that the organizers of the January 6 Trump riots met with Republicans in Congress as well as Trump staffers in advance of the riots


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