Rep Andrew Clyde: LIAR for Denying Riot by Trump Supporters

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Representative Andrew Clyde & Republicans who are claiming Riots & Insurrection didn’t happen on January 6, 2021 are LIARS unfit for office, putting their political careers above telling the TRUTH.

This type of Truth Denial, Gaslighting and Propaganda by Republicans is one of the many reasons they need to be VOTED OUT.


PROOF: Rep Andrew Clyde is a DIRTY ROTTEN LIAR!


GOP Rep Who Compared Jan. 6 To ‘Tourist Visit’ Barricaded House Doors

“I believe that Congressman Clyde on January 6th would disagree with the Congressman Clyde of today. And it’s very clear that you have this massive brainwashing within the Republican Party,” says Rep. Ted Lieu on Rep. Clyde downplaying the Capitol insurrection.


Rep. Andrew Clyde shows what a disgusting piece of SHIT he is be refusing to shake hands with Officer Michael Fanone who was beaten in Jan. 6 Attack as a result of the LIES told by TRUMP and REPUBLICANS. This type of conduct is exhibited exclusively by SCUM-OF-THE-EARTH REPUBLICANS


GOP Rep Lies About Capitol Attack

‘I can tell you, the House floor was never breached, and it was not an insurrection’ — Watch this GOP lawmaker blatantly lie about the events of Jan 6.


Republican Who Compared Rioters To Tourists Seen Barricading Door During Insurrection


Capitol officer who was assaulted calls out Republican liars


Capitol Riot: GOP Rep. Asked About ‘Normal Tourist Visit’ Comment

Rep. Andrew Clyde, who previously said footage of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot looked like a “normal tourist visit” is asked about his statements by NBC News’ Leigh Ann Caldwell. Pete Williams also joins Hallie Jackson to discuss the latest in the investigations into the Capitol rioters.


CNN reporter chases GOP lawmaker after Capitol riot remark

CNN’s Manu Raju speaks with several GOP lawmakers who continue to question of the results of the 2020 election and downplay the violence that occurred during the January 6th Capitol riot.


GOP lawmaker rips Republican colleagues’ ‘bogus’ insurrection claims

Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) criticized his fellow Republican lawmakers after several made claims downplaying the Capitol riot on January 6th.


New Oath Keepers Conspiracy Indictment Proves Republicans Wrong that there was “No Insurrection”

The American people were taken aback when Representative Andrew Clyde boldly announced that “anyone calling what happened at the US Capitol on January 6 is “a bold-faced liar.” He also told us that the folks in the Capital that day were behaving “in an orderly fashion” and acting like normal “tourists.”

In a new conspiracy indictment the prosecutors reveal that the defendants who planed and executed the attack on the Capitol themselves called it “an insurrections. Rep. Clyde would issue a retraction to the American people, as it appears he is the one who offered bad-faced lies.


How Trump & Republicans incited insurrection, step by step

Rep. Andrew Clyde, fined for bypassing House metal detectors, pledges to appeal

U.S. Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Athens, faces a $5,000 fine after refusing to be scanned for weapons prior to voting on the U.S. House floor on Friday, Feb. 5, 2021. Clyde says the metal detectors violate his rights and he will appeal the rules implementing a fine.



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