Kanye West Sucks for Supporting Trump

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Dyson Shreds Kanye-Trump: Blitzkrieg of Blathering Ignorance

Professor Michael Eric Dyson joins Ari to break down Kanye West’s surreal Oval Office takeover. West sounding off in a 10 minute rant with Donald Trump talking about politics, prison, racism and himself. Dyson, who knows West personally, demolishes his effort to bring Colin Kaepernick to the meeting and hammers his “interventions through media” adding Kanye can’t “engage about issues” that he doesn’t “ have sophisticated comprehension and knowledge” of.

I actually never heard of Kanye West until I saw him making a fool out of himself kissing Trump’s ass on TV.  Can’t imagine why anyone would think this joker is hot shit. To me, he’s a NO TALENT IDIOT, who I never heard of.

Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows TRUMP is an IDIOT and BUFFOON who is unfit to be a DOG CATCHER, let alone POTUS.


Don Lemon shreds Trump’s Kanye double standard

CNN’s Don Lemon slams President Trump’s favorable attitude toward rapper Kanye West after making disparaging comments about him in the past.


Kanye West’s Company Gets More Than $2M In Federal Small Business Loans

Kanye West’s company Yeezy received a loan from the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program worth between $2 million and $5 million, according to data released Monday by the U.S. Treasury Department.


While the political world was busy watching Fox News Chris Wallace swat down Trump’s Vortex of Lies, Kanye West held his first Presidential Rally in South Carolina, which totally went of the rails. He began crying and acting like a lunatic. The fact that he announced her was running for president and thinks he has a chance of being elected shows how delusional he is.



Kanye Yells At People In Wheelchairs To Get Up

West halted a “performance” (if that’s what it can even be called) in Sydney Australia after discovering that several audience members weren’t standing up to honor their Lord and Savior. They were HANDICAPPED people in WHEELCHAIRS!

If his audience had any DECENCY and GUTS, they should have begun yelling “FUCK YOU!”, “EAT SHIT!”,  “YOU SUCK!” begun leaving and demanded a REFUND.


I’m a heavy metal rocker. The only “rapper” I respect and like is Eminem. The above video of him doing “Toy Soldiers” shows why. IMO, no other rapper has done such outstanding work as this.


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