STOP Youtube from Showing Trump Ads

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60 Minutes found over 300 video ads for Trump were taken down, mostly over the summer of 2020, for violating company policy.

YouTube ads are really in your face and sometimes forces you to view them B4 you can view the video you want to watch.

Here’s how you can file complaints to YouTube so they know you hate Trump ads. If enough people does this YouTube may stop showing them.

Click the “Report an ad” link;

There isn’t really a selection for people to choose to tell google to stop showing ads you hate so the best choice appears to be “An ad violates other Google Ads policies”.

Choose Youtube and other…



After you click submit you need to copy the link to the ad and then you can say what you want about the ad and submit your comment. Hopefully if enough people does this YouTube will stop showing the ads.

Trump broke numerous laws by “Obstructing Justice” as detailed in the Mueller report, incited violence, riots, insurrection and a coup d’etat to stay in office against the will of the people, also causing the deaths of 5 people and injuries of numerous Capital Police.

By showing Trump ads, google is complicit in promoting someone who engaged in lawless, treasonous conduct. It would seem ads which promote someone who engaged in unlawful (treasonous) conduct which caused deaths should be a violation of their advertising policy.




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