Joe Biden & Kamala Harris WIMPY Performance at Debates & Rallies

Trump predictably behaved like a unhinged bully at the 2020 Presidential Debate. It wasn’t really a debate at all… it was Trump spouting off non-stop BS and FOX conspiracy theories to beat down his opponent, never letting his opponent get a word in. That appeared to be the Trump teams strategy.


Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris was repeatedly interrupted by Mike Pence throughout the VP Debate and he kept going over his speaking time unabated by moderator Susan Page.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Democrats has been failing to bring up some of the most important issues about Trump.


Trump should be referred to, at every opportunity as a Narcissistic Psychopath, Narcissistic Nutcase and a LUNATIC because Mental Health professionals claim Trump is “Clear & present danger” who’s unfit to be President, who says and does things which are insane.


Trump should be referred to, at every opportunity as a Pathological Liar because fact finders claim Trump has made over 20,000 False or Misleading Statements & LIES since taking office. Since he lies constantly, NOTHING he says can be believed.


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