Kayleigh McEnany Is a LIAR: “Trump Didn’t Have Crisis After Crisis”

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Kayleigh McEnany is a either a LIAR or delusional IDIOT. Trump’s Presidency was a Crisis After Crisis during the entire time he was President, dominated by LIES, Insanity, Incompetence & Outrageous, Lawless UN-Presidential Behavior.


Jesse talks about Kayleigh McEnany’s OUTRAGEOUS claim that there was no crisis after crisis during the Donald Trump administration.


Trump Presidency was ONE BIG CRISIS!


Donald Trump has been involved in so many scandals since becoming President that many slide by despite their seriousness because they’re so quickly supplanted by a new scandal


Rachel Maddow reviews a list of less reported but no less outrageous current Trump administration scandals and notes that beyond the big Trump Russia scandal, Americans must retain their ability to be shocked by corruption and demand action be taken.


Kayleigh McEnany Forgets Everything About the Trump Admin


Kayleigh McEnany False Statements

Critics Bury Kayleigh McEnany After She Calls Jake Tapper Accusations of Her Lying Baseless


‘She lies about lying’: Brianna Keilar fires back at McEnany

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany baselessly linked CNN reporter Brianna Keilar’s comments about the Kentucky Attorney General to the shooting of two Louisville police officers after the killing of Breonna Taylor. Hear her response.


Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said recently that she “never lied” during her time in the Trump administration because her belief in God prevented her from doing that. Her lies during her short time in office are well documented, but claims like this help fuel the Republican base into thinking their leaders are infallible.


Kayleigh McEnany and Trump’s administration are trying to rewrite history by saying they were denied a peaceful transfer of power. Video shows just the opposite.


Keilar calls out Kayleigh McEnany’s Capitol riot claims

CNN’s Brianna Keilar sounds off on former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for claiming that the Trump administration expected a “peaceful” rally on January 6, the day rioters attempted to stop the election certification by breaching the US Capitol.


Kayleigh McEnany Called Out for Lying


Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany fact-checked







Trump began his Presidency with an outrageous lie by having his Press Secretary say; “This Was the Largest Audience to Ever Witness an Inauguration, PERIOD!”

This set the tone for how Trump conducted himself throughout his presidency… a Wanna-be Dictator who acted like a lunatic and lied with impunity.


White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer sharply criticized media coverage of Donald Trump’s inauguration






I think Kayleigh McEnany is beautiful (and my kind of woman). Too bad she’s a LIAR & a Republican who worked for and promoted the worst president in history.


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