Rudy Giuliani Claims Election Fraud While Dye Runs Down His Face

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Black Hair Dye Was Running Down Rudy Guiliani’s Face

Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani held a press conference Thursday repeating unfounded claims that there was widespread voter fraud in the Nov. 3 election. But there’s a good chance most people had trouble focusing on what he was saying, thanks to some black liquid dripping down both sides of his face. He was sweating so much, hair dye was running down his face.


Rudy Giuliani Farts During Michigan Voter Fraud Hearing



Michael Rapaport reacts to news that Rudy Giuliani was Suspended from Practicing Law



Rudy Giuliani acted like a lunatic making insane false Election Fraud conspiracy claims while hair dye is running down his face.


Reacting to the latest intelligence on the 2020 election, MSNBC Political Analyst Claire McCaskill lit into Rudy Giuliani calling him a ‘treasonous traitor’ who worked directly with an American adversary to affect our democracy.


Dominion sues Rudy Giuliani for $1.3 billion over false election claims



Title from YouTube; “Trump Fires Lawyer Who Was Too Crazy For Rudy Giuliani’s Team”

Description from YouTube; “Sidney Powell, the Trump lawyer who said last week at a press conference that Hugo Chavez, George Soros, and the Clinton Foundation somehow rigged the election for Joe Biden is now no longer a part of the Trump legal team. Rudy Giuliani issues a brief press statement over the weekend distancing himself from Powell, but the whole country already saw her on stage next to his melting face spewing insane conspiracy theories. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening”.



Trump-Appointed Federal Appeals Court Judge Rejects trump / Giuliani’s Attack on PA Elections Results. a Federal District Court judge in Pennsylvania dismisses Trump’s lawsuit attacking the elections results in PA, calling Giuliani’s legal arguments akin to “Frankenstein’s monster.”

Then today, a three judge panel also rejected Trump/Giuliani’s claims in the strongest possible terms. Notably, all three appellate court judges were appointed by Republican presidents, with the judge who authored the opinion having been appointed by Trump himself. Justice is coming and justice matters.


Rudy Lawsuits Fail so Trump Tries Some Arm-Twisting of Michigan State Legislators. It Won’t Work

Rudy Giuliani withdraws failing Michigan lawsuit while Trump attempts to pressure members of the Michigan Board of Canvassers AND Michigan state legislators to corruptly throw him the election. Here’s why Trump will continue to fail on all fronts.


The dangerously stupid machinations of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani

These clowns might bring down democracy If it weren’t so serious, it would be amusing to watch the staggering doltishness of Donald Trump’s cronies as they try to steal a presidential election he so clearly lost to Joe Biden.


Per the above article; “Giuliani and another Trump lawyer, Sidney Powell, spun out a wholly fictional conspiracy theory about how the president had the election stolen from him via a voting software conspiracy involving George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, and the late Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. The election was determined by “the massive influence of Communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China,” Powell said.

Pressed for evidence of these wild assertions, lawyer Jenna Ellis promised it was coming — just not now. “Your question is fundamentally flawed when you’re asking ‘Where’s the evidence?'” Ellis told reporters. “You clearly don’t understand the legal process.”

Taken as a whole, the trio’s performance was reminiscent of John Yerkes Iselin, the buffoonish senator who made wild (and false) accusations of “communists in the Defense Department” in the classic movie, The Manchurian Candidate. But it was also kind of predictable — Giuliani, Powell, and Ellis don’t exactly belong to the top tier of Republican lawyers.

Trump was unable to win the presidency at the polls. He has been unable to win it through legal challenges to the vote. So he is trying now to win the cultural battle — by once again putting on an entertaining show for his supporters, a conspiracy thriller in which he plays the hero. It might not actually help him retain the keys to the Oval Office. But as The Atlantic’s Yoni Appelbaum pointed out, “Democracy depends on the consent of the losers.” Thursday’s dog-and-pony show was part of Trump’s effort to deny that consent to Biden. And that effort might well be successful: A new poll shows that half of Republicans believe that Trump really did win the presidency — even though he didn’t”.


More Legal Losses For Trump: Georgia, Arizona Courts Block Efforts To Delay Certifying Election Results

Judges in Arizona and Georgia struck down lawsuits Thursday brought by Republican plaintiffs seeking to challenge or delay the results of their states’ elections, delivering a blow to the Trump campaign and GOP’s attempts to block battleground states from certifying their election results and challenge Joe Biden’s presidential win.


IMO, this guy is bat-shit NUTS and so is his client, Trump. They both should be Institutionalized!


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