GOP / RNC is Lawless Scum of the Earth for Supporting TRUMP

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John Avlon calls out RNC  for Censures of Liz Cheney And Adam Kinzinger


Rep. Kinzinger: The RNC Deserves Every Aspect Of Backlash


Head of conservative think tank proves to be LAWLESS by advocating the dissolution of the FBI


More than 140 Republicans condemn RNC’s censure of Cheney, Kinzinger

More than 140 Republican and conservative leaders, including several former members of Congress and government officials, have signed a statement condemning the Republican National Committee’s censure of Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Among the signatories are former officials in the Donald Trump and George W. Bush administrations, several former members of the House or Senate, and a number of conservative commentators and Republican party strategists.


RNC paying for President Trump’s legal fees

The Republican National Committee spent more than $230,000 in August to cover some of President Donald Trump’s legal fees associated with the federal investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, an RNC official told CNN.


The GOP – RNC has proven to be lawless scum of the earth for backing, supporting & paying Trump’s legal bills. Also for censuring Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger who are standing for the Rule of Law & the Constitution by holding Trump, his henchman & supporters who stormed the Capital Accountable.

– LIAR who claimed he “Won” the 2020 Election, without ANY Proof. Accused Democrats of “Stealing the Election” when HE & REPUBLICANS tried to STEAL the election & subvert the will of the people
– Engaged in Sedition, Insurrection and Treason by a coup d’etat, inciting riots & violence, causing 5 deaths  by his brainwashed MOB of Supporters to make himself an UN-elected Dictator by stopping the certification of Democratically Elected Joe Biden.
– Threatened Election officials demanding they “find votes” to help him STEAL the 2020 election
– Obstructed Justice on numerous occasions as detailed in the Mueller Report
– Obstructed & Blocked Congressional Investigations to prevent the American People from learning how he Violated his Oath of Office using unjustified claims of Executive Privilege and ordered Witnesses & Federal Employees not to comply with Congressional Subpoenas
– Mob Boss Style Quid Pro Quo: Trump broke the law by withholding congressionally approved military aid to Ukraine while pressuring Ukraine President Zelensky to announce bogus investigations of Joe Biden & son
– Attacked & Threatened Whistleblower who overheard & reported Trump’s phone conversation with Ukrainian President Zelensky, calling him/her a “Spy” and implying he/she should be executed
– Impeachable Conduct: More than 500 legal scholars from top universities stated in an open letter there’s overwhelming evidence” Trump engaged in “impeachable conduct” in his dealings with Ukraine
– Vindictive, Pay-back Firings such as the dismissal of Intelligence Inspector General who alerted Congress of an “urgent” whistleblower complaint… the firing of National Intelligence Director for allowing the House Intelligence Committee to Informed about Russia’s Plans to Interfere in the 2020 Election and the  firing of Colonel Vindman for testifying against Trump
– Unindicted Co-conspirator with his attorney Michael Cohen who served time in prison for Campaign Finance Violations
– Emoluments Violations: Received tax payer and foreign money at properties he owns while President, violating the Emoluments Clause
– Told officials he’d Pardon those who Broke the Law to build his Border Wall

– Accused Democrats of “Treason” for not standing & clapping at the 2018 State of the Union address.
– After Chinese President Xi Jingping abolished term limits in his country, Trump said “we’ll have give that a shot some day”.  – Has suggested he should get a third term, perhaps more.  – Wants to Limit Freedom of Speech & section 230 Communications Act repealed so he can SUE Social Media Companies – Refused to concede he lost the 2020 election. – Incited riots, a coup d’etat, lies, meritless lawsuits, to stay in office against the will of the people – Praises Dictators like Kim Jong Un who has critics & opponents jailed, tortured and murdered
– Helped by Putin / Russia to become President. Appears compromised because he REFUSES to say anything negative about Putin & helped “Make Russia Great Again”
– Refused to call out Putin at the Helsinki Summit for 2016 Election Meddling
– Had Secret Meetings with Putin in which Trump demanded no notes or records be kept
– Stated he sees nothing wrong with accepting help from a foreign power to get elected
• Narcissistic Psychopath: Mental Health professionals claim Trump is a “Clear and Present Danger”, unfit to be President. Says and does things which are INSANE
• Pathological Liar: Fact finders claim Trump has made over 20,000 False, Misleading Statements & LIES since taking office. Invented the “Big Lie” that he won the 2020 election” and the election was “Rigged” & “Stolen
• Couldn’t accept that he LOST the 2016 Election by almost 3 million votes so he LIED by claiming it was  due to “People who voted illegally”
• Everything Trump LOSES Is ‘Rigged’, from the Mueller probe to mail-in voting. When he’s beaten, he claims he was cheated as he did during the 2016 election, accusing Ted Cruz of Stealing the Iowa Primary Election.
• Incompetent Response to Covid-19 caused the Deaths of over 500,000 Americans and infection of 29 Million from Covid-19
• Attempted to Eliminate Affordable Health Care causing Millions to no longer have any Healthcare• Calls the Press “The Enemy of the People” & News he doesn’t like or which exposes his LIES “Fake News”
• Vengeful, Childish, Outrageous UN-Presidential Conduct and Insane Twitter Tirades - Used twitter to BULLY, BERATE, INTIMIDATE and HARASS those who criticized him
• Attacked Judges who didn’t rule his way & attacked Law Enforcement investigating his corruption
• Boasted that Firing FBI Director Comey removed “great pressure”. Reported to have told Russian officials in 2017 Oval Office meeting he wasn’t concerned about their interference
• Added 2 Trillion Dollars to the Nation Debt by giving Tax Breaks to the RICH
• Sexual Abuse: Accused by numerous women of Sexual Abuse. Recorded bragging about sexually assaulting women, saying he can “Grab them by the PUSSY” & “Do anything he wants”
• Paid Women Hush Money in exchange for their silence about his cheating on his wife to help influence the 2016 election
• Threatened to Sue Schools he attended if they release his academic records (what is he hiding?)
• Refused to Release his Tax Returns (what is he hiding?)
• Crass, Loudmouth, Know-it-all Braggart who says he’s the Best at Everything yet has had Many Failed Businesses and Filed Bankruptcy Numerous Times• Revoked Security Clearances of people who criticized him. Granted Security Clearances to people who were deemed unfit to receive them
• Calls the Media Horrible People and Dishonest when HE’S the one who behaves horribly & is dishonest
• Calls the Press “The Enemy of the People” & News he doesn’t like or which exposes his LIES “Fake News”
• Shut Down the Government causing 800,000 workers to not to be paid to force tax payers to pay for Border  Wall he said MEXICO would pay for
• Crimes Against Humanity: Responsible for inhumane conditions at US migrant internment camps. Separated children from their Parents with no plans to EVER re-unite them.
• Obnoxious, Loudmouth Braggart who refuses to ever admit he’s wrong. Blames others & NEVER takes responsibility for anything. Has NO Humility & Never Apologies
• Claims he’s a “Very Smart Person” and “Knows More Than the Generals”
• Draft Dodger: Used “Bone Spurs” Medical Excuse to avoid serving in the Military • Outrageous UN-Presidential Behavior such as Making Fun of a Handicapped Person at Rallies
• Disrespected Military Veterans


Republican Party Helping Pay Trump’s Personal Legal Bills

Reporting from the Washington Post indicate that the Republican Party is helping Donald Trump pay the legal bills for investigations into his personal business, even though Trump has amassed a fortune in political donations that he could spend on anything, including his own legal bills or the legal bills of his supporters that are being prosecuted for attacking the U.S.




Hear the calls Trump made as he tried to steal the election


Evidence concerning Donald Trump’s DOJ pressure campaign to overturn the 2020 election shows DOJ officials rejected their colleague’s attempt to intervene in Georgia’s election certification. Presidential historian Michael Beschsloss joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss how Trump’s so-called “coup attempt” echoes the Nixon-era “Saturday Night Massacre.”