Elon Musk Twitter Takeover Threat to Democracy and People’s Lives

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Elon Musk Unbanning Trump is a threat to Democracy and people’s lives due to removing guardrails which were put in place to stop misinformation and online bullying. Trump used twitter to incite riots, insurrection & violence which caused 5 deaths by his supporters and attempt to stay in office by a coup d’etat.


Just days after taking over Twitter, Elon Musk proves how he’s irresponsible and unfit to own Twitter by reposting an article that suggests Nancy Pelosi’s husband had some sort of relationship with the man accused of trying to kill him; “There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye,” tweeted Musk. The article made the false claim that the hammer-wielding man was a male sex worker who Paul Pelosi allowed into his home. Musk later deleted the post.


CNN’s Jake Tapper breaks down the conspiracy theories surrounding the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi, and says that the smears are an attempt to justify the violence.



‘Elon Musk tried to intimidate me into silence.’ Former Twitter exec speaks out

Twitter’s former Head of Trust and Safety Yoel Roth resigned just weeks after Elon Musk took over the platform, citing his disagreements with its new policies. Soon after, Musk attacked Roth online and led his army of internet trolls in a smear campaign that spread like wildfire.


Jack Dorsey (creator of Twitter) slams Elon Musk for wrecking Twitter


Elon Musk Vows To Unban Trump From Twitter

Alicia Menendez: “Elon Musk, who is in the process of purchasing Twitter, wants to give Donald Trump, the person who bears probably the most responsibility for the Capitol riot, his old platform back.”


Media Activist Shares How Elon Musk Could Change Twitter | Opinion

A watchdog group, Media Matters for America, warns how Elon Musk owning twitter could open the door for extremists getting their accounts restored and lead to disinformation on the platform.


How Elon Musk’s Twitter Could Become The Next Fox News

Media Matters President Angelo Carusone fears Elon Musk might transform Twitter into ‘an instrument to counterbalance the “woke” social networks.’ Carusone joined American Voices with Alicia Menendez to explain how Musk might use the Fox News playbook to change the platform.


Musk Twitter Purchase Would See Return Of Trump Tweets To No One’s Benefit

Kara Swisher, editor-at-large for New York Magazine, talks with Alex Wagner about the Elon Musk’s promise to restore Donald Trump’s account if his purchase of Twitter takes place.


Twitter Flags Trump’s Tweet about Protests as ‘glorifying violence’


Trump has a history of instigating violence



Bomber Targets People Trump Hates

CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin calls out President Donald Trump for using violent rhetoric in his criticism of CNN and political opponents.





According to news reports, the El Paso shooter drove more than 10 hours to a Walmart in El Paso reportedly intending to kill Latinx people and immigrants. Minutes before he shot dozens of people, a racist, xenophobic manifesto appeared on the 8chan online forum, warning readers of a “Hispanic invasion” of Texas.

Trump used the term “border invasion” at least 21 times in public speeches & remarks in an eight-month period, therefore he’s responsible for inciting & instigating the El Paso shooting.



Trump Supporter Curt James Brockway, Assaults 13 Year Old. Attorney claims assault was inspired by Trump

Per an article posted at cnn.com/2019/08/14/us/montana-national-anthem-assault-plea/index.html

“Lance Jasper, Brockway’s attorney, said Brockway is influenced by the rhetoric of President Donald Trump. Referring to times the President has spoken out against athletes and others that kneel or protest during the National Anthem and when he suggested possible jail time or loss of citizenship for burning the American flag, Jasper said, “Curt takes that literally and views the President as the commander in chief and when he sees it happening, he feels he needs to do something about it.”


In April 2020, Trump tweeted, “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” Days later, heavily armed protestors packed the Michigan state house, seemingly acting on Trump’s tweeted command. We learned that at about the same time, a violent, right-wing, extremest militia group calling itself the Wolverine Watchmen was plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.


Whether it’s telling the Proud Boys to “stand by”, or signaling to militia groups that they should “Liberate Michigan!”, it is beyond dispute that the president of the United States is inspiring, motivating and encouraging this kind of violent extremism.


White Nationalist Trump Supporter Plows his Car into a Crowd of people Killing a Woman


Trump Supporter Shoots at a Cutout of High School Student David Hogg and talks about Civil War


After learning that he lost the 2020 election, Trump REFUSED to admit defeat and LIED claiming without any proof that the election was stolen from him. Trump used legal tactics to challenge the election results in swing states and when those challenges didn’t work he resorted to inciting his deluded & brainwashed followers to engage in a violent COUP to overturn our government to make himself an UN-elected dictator to stay in power against the will of the people.

This violent coup was the final act committed by the most Lawless and Corrupt administration in American History.


Experts claim Trump KNEW he lost the 2020 Election and therefore knew the above tweet about “election fraud” was a LIE


Trump Knew Claims Of Voter Fraud Were False

Communications from conservative lawyer John Eastman show former President Donald Trump and his lawyers pushed claims of voter fraud he knew to be false in federal court and to the public in order to delay the counting of state electoral votes by Congress on Jan. 6, 2021, a federal judge in California said in an order Wednesday.


Ex-Communications Director Admits Trump LIED about the 2020 Election

On Jan. 8, 2021 former White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah stated in the above video that Trump lied to the American people about the 2020 presidential election results.


Memo Shows Trump Campaign Knew Lawyers’ Voting Machine Claims Were Baseless

Republican strategist Michael Steel, former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman, former Congresswoman Donna Edwards, and AP White House reporter Jonathan Lemire on new reporting in the New York Times that court filings show the Trump campaign knowingly let election lies spread.


New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman details in her new book how Trump told aides he wouldn’t leave the White House after his 2020 election loss


Trump’s Failed Coup

“The last thing left to Trump was the mob, and so he used the mob. That violent, bloody insurrection, the failed coup we saw was his final attempt after he tried everything else to stay in power”.


This Lawless, Insane Bastard who Engaged in Sedition, Insurrection and Treason by a coup d’etat, incited riots & violence, caused 5 deaths by his brainwashed MOB of Supporters to Overturn and Steal the 2020 Election to make himself an UN-elected Dictator… Engaged in Other Outrageous Conduct is who Elon Musk Wants back on Twitter.


Trump should be indicted for at least six crimes and banned from politics: legal experts

Donald Trump should be facing prosecution for a half dozen crimes, according to a pair of legal experts, but instead he’s preparing for another presidential run that he just might win.The twice-impeached president has raised $122 million, more than twice the amount of the Republican National Committ…

White House ethics attorney Richard Painter and Claire Finkelstein, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania listed the following as potential crimes Trump committed;

(1) Obstructing justice as identified in the Mueller investigation.
(2) Bribing and/or extorting Ukraine with military aid to investigate his political opponent Joe Biden and conduct another investigation undermining the Mueller investigation.
(3) Coercing cabinet members and other federal employees to engage in partisan political activity in violation of the criminal political coercion provisions of the Hatch Act.
(4) Soliciting election fraud in a phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State in November 2020.
(5) Criminal sedition in authorizing preparation of the unsigned draft Executive Order dated December 16, 2020 pursuant to which President Trump would have ordered the Secretary of Defense to seize voting machines in certain states to look for evidence of election fraud.
(6) Inciting insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

These alleged politically-related crimes are over and above the financial crimes being investigated by the Manhattan DA, who has already indicted the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer.

In addition to the above crimes, numerous sources recently revealed that Trump destroyed & removed top secret documents from the White House, violating the Presidential Records Act.


Numerous Mental Health professionals have stated Trump is “Textbook Narcissist

According to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), individuals with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) have at least five of the symptoms listed below;

  • Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment by others
  • Fixated on fantasies of power, success, intelligence, attractiveness, etc.
  • Self-perception of being unique, superior, and associated with high-status people and institutions
  • Needing constant admiration from others
  • Sense of entitlement to special treatment and to obedience from others
  • Exploitative of others to achieve personal gain
  • Unwilling to empathize with others’ feelings, wishes, or needs
  • Intensely jealous of others and the belief that others are equally jealous of them
  • Pompous and arrogant demeanor.


Psychiatrist Warns That Trump Has Become More ‘Psychotic’ As Trials Get Closer

Per the article referenced in the above video at; salon.com/2024/02/02/either-malpractice-or-criminal-dr-justin-frank-on-power-and

Donald Trump has repeatedly shown that he is a lawless person — but his malign influence extends far beyond himself.

We are a society more divided than united. Many of us are anti-intellectual and don’t want to think. That makes such people attracted to strongmen and bullies like Trump. Trump has made his followers reject the truth for alternate facts – and that makes most of us insecure and uncertain about what to believe.

Trump’s “dangerous charisma” attracts already corrupt and ethically compromised people into his orbit. He also exerts a malignant perfidious influence over people who are vulnerable to such energy and temptations, but for whatever reason have not yet fully surrendered to them. This is a defining feature of dangerous leaders.

Dr. Frank continues to warn about Trump’s extremely dangerous mind and overall pattern of behavior and why as seen with the second E. Jean Carroll court case for defamation, and escalating threats of violence and retribution against his “enemies”, that the corrupt ex-president will not be stopped by “the walls closing in.” Instead, Dr. Frank predicts that Trump is a malignant narcissist who will go down in a blaze of glory before he ever surrenders or is otherwise made to yield in his assaults on society, human decency, and the rule of law.

From the time Trump was five years old, he hated rules and couldn’t control himself. If Trump didn’t like something, he would convert feelings into immediate action. He threw rocks at a toddler who lived next door when he was five. He punched out his second-grade teacher because he got mad at him. As a father, Trump knocked out his son, Don Jr., when he was in high school because he wasn’t dressed appropriately. Trump has always been like this. As people age, they generally do not change; they instead become more of their true selves. His capacity for self-restraint is becoming a thinner veneer over fundamental destructiveness. He is increasingly no longer able to fake it. This is why Trump is in court acting out, mumbling, being angry and disruptive.

In my opinion, Donald Trump is a “segmental thinker”. He lives in the moment and is attracted by a shiny object and forgets everything else.

The main thing that I am worried about is the complacency of the public and specifically the country’s leaders and law enforcement and other people in positions of authority and power who are still letting Trump run wild. Trump is extremely dangerous. Trump does not believe in laws and rules. He wants to be a lawless dictator. This is why I continue to share my conclusion, based on the evidence, that Donald Trump appears to be psychotic. He is a person who is detached from reality. Even with the trials and other pressures, Trump is not capable of breaking down, of being cowed and/or broken. If anything, Trump will go down in flames if he goes down at all. Trump is an extreme narcissist who will destroy anyone who has ever done anything to hurt him, to oppose him, or defy him.


Dr. Lance Dodes stated; “If we could construct a psychiatric Frankenstein monster, we could not create a leader more dangerously mentally ill than Donald Trump,” Gartner began. “He is a paranoid, psychopathic, narcissist who is divorced from reality and lashes out impulsively at his imagined enemies. And this is someone, as you said, who is handling the nuclear codes.”

“He lies because of his sociopathic tendencies that Dr. Gartner was talking about,” Dodes suggested. “He lies in the way anybody who scams people does. He’s tried to sell an idea or a product by telling you something that is untrue. There is also the kind of lie he has that in a way is more serious — that he has a loose grip on reality. We can say that because he lies about things that aren’t that important.”

“I think what that indicates is that he can’t stand an aspect of reality that he doesn’t want, so he rejects it,” Dodes continued. “His grasp of reality, his attention to reality is loose. This is an extremely dangerous trait in a president. It actually makes him unqualified.”


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Renowned Psychologist : Like Hitler, Trump suffers from Sadism, Malignant Narcissism & Paranoia

Renowned Psychologist Dr. John Gartner, who specializes in borderline personality disorder, biopolar disorder, and depression stated; “Trump has the most dangerous form of mental illness that you can find in a leader… Malignant Narcissism”.

Gartner stated that Malignant narcissism is a combination of 4 traits, which includes narcissism, paranoia, antisocial personality disorder (the psychology of a criminal and someone who routinely lies) and sadism.

The sadist aspects of Trump’s apparent mental illness, according is Gartner, means that “he is driven and gets intense pleasure from harming, humiliating, and degrading other people.”

“He has actually gotten intense pleasure from [other people’s] pain. He is reveling in the chaos and the destruction he is causing,” Gartner explained. “The more he feels threatened by the Mueller investigation, the more he needs to experience the exaltation of feeling drunk with power, through his ability to harm and humiliate and degrade other people.”

While Gartner stopped short of saying that Trump is the next incarnation of Hitler, he did emphasize the importance of looking back at history as a means to try and prevent the catastrophes of the past from happening yet again.

In speaking of Trump, Gartner did not imply that Trump would follow in the path of Hitler, but he did underscore his belief that “these are the kind of people who really can commit genocide,” when comparing the two men.

“I’m not saying he’s Hitler. I’m saying he has the same psychology. He’s of the same type, cut from the same cloth…. He is someone, who if given the chance, would enact that same kind of destructive agenda.”

If Elon Musk does Unban Trump and Trump uses Twitter to incite violence, BULLY, BERATE, INTIMIDATE and HARASS people as he has in the past, those who are harmed by Trump’s Twitter activity should SUE Musk for everything he’s got.


Incitement Timeline: Year of Trump’s Actions Leading to the Attack on the Capitol

A highly detailed chronology of the year leading up to the attack on the Capitol.

The above article details Trump Tweets and communications which preceded violence


What Part of January 6th Wasn’t MUSK Paying Attention to?

Republicans are Destroying our Democracy… Threatening our Liberty & Freedom by passing laws which Criminalize Assembly & Protests, Laws Limiting what can be Discussed & Taught in Classrooms, Laws Legalizing Running over & Killing Protestors, Anti-Choice Legislation Against Women, Turning the U.S. into a Gestapo Secret Police State by Placing $10,000 Bounties on anyone who helps a Women get an Abortion, Rigging Elections by Gerrymandering, Voter Obstruction, Voter Purges, Passing laws to Overturn Election Results, Decreasing Voting by Mail, Decreasing Drop Boxes, Decreasing the Days & Hours people can Vote, Making it Illegal to give Food or Water to people waiting in Long Lines they’re responsible for causing to make it difficult to Vote.



Elon Musk Chooses Between Liberals and Conservatives

The billionaire has just revealed where he stands on the American political spectrum.


Elon Musk recently stated in tweets and the drawing below that Democrats has become extremest since 2008 while Republicans has remained unchanged. He’s therefore proven he’s out-of-touch with reality and a potential threat to Democracy with his plans to remove moderation, which may allow online bullying, amplifying lies and conspiracy theories.

Elon Musk has proven from the above drawing that he hasn’t been paying attention to the damage and insanity Republicans has engaged in for the past 20 years.

Republicans have been Destroying our Democracy… Threatening our Liberty & Freedom by passing laws which Criminalize Assembly & Protests, Laws Limiting what can be Discussed & Taught in Classrooms, Laws Legalizing Running over & Killing Protestors, Anti-Choice Legislation Against Women, Turning the U.S. into a Gestapo Secret Police State by Placing $10,000 Bounties on anyone who helps a Women get an Abortion, Rigging Elections by Gerrymandering, Voter Obstruction, Voter Purges, Passing laws to Overturn Election Results, Decreasing Voting by Mail, Decreasing Drop Boxes, Decreasing the Days & Hours people can Vote, Making it Illegal to give Food or Water to people waiting in Long Lines they’re responsible for causing to make it difficult to Vote.


Fox News supports Elon Musk buying Twitter because his vision for Twitter “empowers their lies and enables their politics”.


Elon Musk fires top executives after Twitter takeover


Number of celebrities announce departure in the days after Elon Musk acquires Twitter


Elon Musk Has Been an “Abusive” Bully on Twitter for Years

The world’s richest man, Elon Musk, is set to become the new owner of Twitter after the company’s board agreed to sell the influential social media platform for $44 billion on Monday. Musk, who describes himself as a “free speech absolutist,” tweeted, “I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means.” We speak with tech industry watchdog Jessica González and Evan “Rabble” Henshaw-Plath, who was part of the team that launched Twitter in 2006, about what the buyout means for the future of digital media and journalism. “Musk or no Musk, Twitter has work to do to ensure that it stops amplifying bigotry, calls to violence, hate speech and conspiracy theories,” says González. Henshaw-Plath says he senses Musk has “no idea what he’s getting into,” and discusses the activist roots of Twitter.


Elon Musk Chooses Between Liberals and Conservatives

The billionaire has just revealed where he stands on the American political spectrum.

Per the above article: “Striking is that Musk seems to be saying Republicans haven’t budged one iota. Their positions, according to Musk’s drawing, appear not to have become radicalized. We can therefore imagine that Musk will probably vote for the Republicans during the upcoming mid-terms. Musk’s graphic seems to deny studies and press articles also describing a radicalization of the Republican Party led by extremist elements”.

Elon Musk must watch primarily Fox Fake News and other Radical Right Wing Republican Propaganda Misinformation outlets to believe the above.


Former Republican strategist and author of “It was all a lie” Stuart Stevens and former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele discusses how Extremists Have Taken Over the Republican Party.

The fact that Elon Musk either doesn’t know or refuses to admit it’s Republican’s who are the extremists, proves he’s an out-of-touch with reality and unfit to own Twitter.


Title from Youtube: “Elon Musk HUMILIATED after harassing Twitter lawyer”

Description from Youtube: “Elon Musk’s criticism of a content decision made by Twitter Inc.’s legal team was followed by a wave of abusive tweets directed against the company’s top lawyer, Vijaya Gadde”.



Elon Musk is a total fraud

One disastrous tweet has finally revealed Elon Musk for what he is: a fraud. Enraged that a British cave diver called his idea to rescue the Thai soccer team for what it was – “a p.r. stunt [with] …

Per the above article: “One disastrous tweet has finally revealed Elon Musk for what he is: a fraud. Enraged that a British cave diver called his idea to rescue the Thai soccer team for what it was — “a p.r. stunt [with] absolutely no chance of working” — Musk took to Twitter and called him a “pedo.” Just like that, Tesla’s market value plummeted by $2 billion.

Musk has been in business since 2002. His stated goal is nothing short of transforming humanity through his products: his electric cars, space travel, and an underground high-speed Hyperloop system. He has yet to succeed at anything but somehow spins every failure into proof of imminent success. His only accomplishment has been this decades-long Jedi mind trick.

Tesla is best known for blowing deadlines and consistently falling short on production. In November 2017, Bloomberg reported that the company burns through $500,000 per hour. For two years now, Tesla has been suffering an epic talent drain, and in May, two top execs — one the liaison with the National Transportation Safety Board — walked out the door”.


No Title

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According to the above article: “Tesla violated labor laws by blocking union organizing. Administrative Law Judge Amita Baman Tracy found that CEO Elon Musk violated national labor laws when he implied via tweet that Tesla workers who unionized would have to give up their company stock options”.


No Title

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Per the above article: “The National Labor Relations Board ordered Tesla to make Elon Musk delete a tweet that was seen as threatening to labor organizers within the company. The federal board also ordered Tesla to reinstate a terminated employee, Richard Ortiz, who was a union advocate. The decision and order was in line with an administrative judge’s ruling from 2019”.





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