Trump Lost Billboards

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Republicans for Voting Rights is fighting back against Donald Trump’s election lies by funding a major project that is placing billboards reading “Trump Lost” all over the state of Texas. The Republicans who are funding the project understand the damage that Trump’s election lies are doing to the Party, and to the country itself, and they are tired of sitting by while the Party elite and conservative media outlets continue to lie.


Republicans for Voting Rights posted “Trump Lost” billboards across the United Stated in response to Republicans reckless sham audits of the 2020 election. Here’s one they put up in New York City’s Times Square.


TRUMP LOST Billboard by Republicans for Voting Rights


Republican Group Trolls Trump With Massive Billboard Reminding Him He’s A Loser

A Republican group is using billboards to send a blunt message to Donald Trump and his supporters who are still pushing for election audits based on debunked claims of election fraud. “TRUMP LOST,” the billboards from Republicans for Voting Rights read.


Trump taunted & trolled by planes flying over Mar-a-Lago with Banners


Trump is a LOSER who LOST the 2020 Presidential Election, then LIED saying the election was “stolen” BC he’s a Narcissistic Lunatic who can’t  admit he lost. What a disgusting piece of shit!



Michael Rapaport rips Trump about losing 2020 election.


Michael Rapaport tells Trump his time is up… pack up your shit & get out!



Michael Rapaport tells Trump he’s got 4 days to pack his shit and asks why he hasn’t been golfing since that’s all he did the during entire time he was President


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