Supreme Court Rejects Texas bid to Overturn Election

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The U.S. Supreme Court rejected Texas effort to overturn election results in four different states.


The Supreme Court acted with unusual speed to reject a bid from Texas’ attorney general — supported by President Donald Trump — to block the ballots of millions of voters in battleground states that went in favor of President-elect Joe Biden. CNN’s Jessica Schneider has the details.


Meet the 126 ANTI-DEMOCRATIC FASCIST GOP Members of Congress Who Tried to Overturn the Election!

The Supreme Court has rejected Texas’ lawsuit to overturn the results of the election. These are the 126 GOP TRAITORS who supported it.


Your a Loser Baby!


Truck tows massive Trump ‘LOSER’ sign while driving on an interstate




Loser Trump watches celebrations of his defeat as he returns to the White House from his golf resort at taxpayers’ expense. Sprawling crowds celebrate his defeat and flip off his motorcade.





Liberals Laughing at Trump!




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