Republicans Blocking January 6th Insurrection Investigation

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Trump Orders GOP to Cover Up Jan 6th – Coward Republicans Choose Trump Over Truth!

Jesse talks about Trump’s orders to cover up the events of January 6th in an effort to erase history and the fact of what happened. Mitch McConnell & Kevin McCarthy have both fallen in line and opposed the formation of the commission which passed the House with the support of only 35 GOP members.


Kevin McCarthy Protecting Trump Against Fact-Finding Jan 6th Commission!

Jesse talks about disgraced sycophant Kevin McCarthy’s statement related to the formation of a 911-style commission to look into the insurrection on Jan 6th. He is choosing the protect Donald Trump over the country or even fellow House Republicans!!!


California Congressman Eric Swalwell joins Joy moments after the House voted to authorize a bipartisan Commission to investigate the January 6th insurrection. Rep. Swalwell tells Joy, “Republicans are standing with chaos.”


McGovern Slams McCarthy For ‘Hiding’ From Floor Jan. 6 Commission Vote

“Kevin McCarthy didn’t even have the guts to come on the House floor and defend his position. I don’t know where he was—maybe hiding under his desk, maybe talking on the phone with Donald Trump who’s in exile at Mar-a-Lago,” says Rep. Jim McGovern.


CNN’s Jim Acosta reacts to some Republican leader’s remarks about an independent commission to investigate the events surrounding January 6, which is likely to fail in the Senate.


Republicans Afraid That Investigation Into Insurrection Could Cost Them The Midterms

The House of Representatives has passed legislation to create a commission to investigate the events of January 6th, and Republicans are not happy about this. Not only are they promising to block this legislation in the Senate, but they are afraid that focusing too much on the Capitol Riot will actually cost them the midterms. This is exactly what we have been saying for months now, and Republicans are right to be afraid.

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