Trump Rages Over MAJOR LOSSES


A Bad Day For Donald Trump, And It’s Only Tuesday

Rachel Maddow runs through a litany of the day’s bad headlines for Donald Trump, from his accountant and banker talking to New York investigators, to another court loss in his years long effort to keep his taxes secret, to his former chief of staff being referred to the DOJ for contempt of Congress in an investigation that is clearly scrutinizing him for potential violation of federal crimes.


Court Dismisses Trump Lawsuit On Tax Records

NBC News Justice Correspondent Pete Williams discusses the breaking news of a court dismissing Donald Trump’s lawsuit to keep his tax records from going to the House of Representatives.


Trump is distancing himself from members of his legal team because they are losing his cases or bringing negative attention. He also lashes out at them in public and private, even though he believes the same crazy things they do.


Trump fumes & rages over legal losses and the release of Mark Meadows’ texts during the January 6th Capitol attack




Congress Says Trump may be SENTENCED to DEATH

Trump is in major trouble according to a member of the house who suggested he did a capital offense.


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