Republicans Prove How Stupid They Are Cheering Low Vaccinations

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Republicans show once again what dumb-ass, unscientific idiots they are by cheering and applauding Low Vaccinations rates at CPAC.

Dr. Anthony Fauci calls the reaction by the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Committee to a conservative author’s comments about the US falling short of it’s vaccination goal ‘horrifying.’


The above Covid Stats prove vaccines are working. They’re responsible for us being able to return to a normal life. The numbers are beginning to rise due to the Delta Variant and millions of people who refuse to get vaccinated.


Covid-19 Delta Variant Surges


MyPillow CEO Says COVID Vaccine Is ‘Mark Of The Beast’

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has joined in with the chorus of conservative voices attacking the COVID-19 vaccine, but Lindell went further than most by saying that the Biden administration is trying to give people the “mark of the Beast” before Trump is reinstated as President. Conservatives are actively putting their followers in danger with idiotic claims like this, so what’s the rationale behind it? Farron Cousins looks into the matter.


Today’s Republicans who call themselves “Conservative” aren’t conservative at all… they’re just dumb-ass, unscientific idiots who are bringing our entire country down with their conspiracy theories, backward thinking and conduct.




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