Ohio John Kasich: Anti-Abortion / Voter Obstruction Republican

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Liberal media makes it seems Ohio Governor John Kasich is a reasonable Republican while omitting he signed one of most stringent anti-abortion bills into law and legislation that cut early voting and eliminated same-day registration in his state, making it harder for minorities to get to the polls.

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How Ohio Gov. John Kasich is making life hell for women seeking abortions

Fight disinformation: Sign up for the free Mother Jones Daily newsletter and follow the news that matters. Ohio Gov. John Kasich, the latest Republican to step into the presidential fray, has widely been labeled the moderate in a GOP field that tilts sharply to the right. Climate change? It’s real.



John Kasich signed into law legislation “that cut early voting and eliminated same-day registration in his state, making it harder for minorities to get to the polls.

John Kasich and Ohio’s Republican-run General Assembly has passed three bills aimed at holding down voting by black or low-income Ohioans. Substitute Senate Bill 205 forbids anyone but the secretary of state’s office from sending out unsolicited absentee ballot applications.SB 205, SB 216 and SB 238. Full details at http://correctrecord.org/the-2016-gop-record-on-voting-rights/


Ohio set to pass tough new round of voting restrictions

Ohio Republicans are poised to pass a new round of restrictive voting laws this week. Taken together, the measures could limit access to the ballot in this year’s midterms and the 2016 presidential race, and revive the obscenely long lines at the polls that plagued the Buckeye State a decade ago.



3 Questions Black Voters Should Ask John Kasich

Today Governor John Kasich became the 16th and final Republican to enter the race for the GOP Nomination in 2016. This means that the Republican presidential field now has more official entrants than at any point in American history. There are enough Republicans now running to field a flag football team, or compete in the opening round of The Voice.


Hillary’s Lawyer Sues Ohio To Thwart Voter Suppression Tactics That Helped GOP Steal Ohio In 2004

Hillary Clinton’s top campaign lawyer and voting rights activists have sued Ohio in federal court to overturn a half-dozen Republican-created barriers that could suppress “hundreds of thousands” of likely Democratic votes in 2016. These include many of the tactics used by the GOP in 2004 that helped Republicans steal the election for George W.



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