News Media Should STOP Covering Trump

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The Media has been complicit in spreading Trump’s insanity, misinformation, HATE and LIES by giving him free airtime in the form of impromptu “press conferences” when he’s leaving the white house, “coronavirus briefings rallies” and his braggadocios chock-full-of-lies “State of the Union” addresses.

NBC’s Brian Williams basically admitted the networks are hurting America by broadcasting Trump’s daily rants live. There’s no reason for any legitimate TV network to keep covering these daily briefings live, where millions of people see them with no challenges or fact-checking.


MSNBC, CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC should publicly commit to stop airing Trump speaking live at his lie-filled coronavirus “briefings.” In the middle of a pandemic, spreading his blatant misinformation to millions of Americans is causing deadly consequences.

Trump’s briefings have turned into a dangerous torrent of lies and misinformation. He is not about to stop lying. It’s up to the networks to take responsibility, and STOP covering his propaganda.


Trump is insane: And it’s time for leading Democrats to say that out loud

Rational Americans already understand that our president is mentally ill. Will Democrats ever speak truth to power?

Per the above article, “Psychologists warn of the deadly consequences of the “silent partner” in abusive homes. When a father beats or sexually assaults a child, the family will often react by refusing to discuss the abuse, allowing silence to enable the predator.

The United States has an abusive authority in the household and Donald Trump is the lunatic who is stalking and traumatizing the victims — the American people, while the mainstream media, acts as the silent partner.

With Trump’s every social media post, public utterance and policy directive, it’s evident that he suffers from a severe form of mental illness. His insanity threatens millions of lives and has become particularly dangerous during the most devastating public health crisis in the last 100 years.

For all the criticism that pundits advance against Trump, their refusal to state the obvious forces the American public to feel as if we are the ones confined to a mental institution. It also emboldens Trump, even as he prioritizes his fragile ego, his compulsion to appear infallible and political expediency above the lives of countless human beings.

The most popular terms that Trump’s opponents use are “liar,” “un-American,” “egomaniac” and “malignant narcissist.” All of these labels are weak, which is why we watch as Trump peels them off like Band-Aids after a shower. Half the public probably doesn’t know what “malignant narcissist” means, while “un-American” is too vague and ideological to have any widespread resonance”.


Fact checkers claim Trump has made over 30,000 false or misleading statements since becoming President. He calls the Press the “Enemy of the people” when HE is clearly the REAL enemy of the people, and it’s time the News Media say it out loud by refusing to give Trump ANY coverage or airtime.


Leaders who’ve called the press ‘enemies of the people’








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