Google Sucks for caving to Dictator Putin’s demands to remove Protest Voting Apps, showing primary HUGE Corporate Site in their first page search results like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Esty, New York Times, Washington Post, Politico etc while BURYING pages from smaller sites which are more relevant.

By giving top position preference to sites like Facebook & Twitter, Google is not delivering the best choices for their users. Often, sites like Facebook & Twitter are the biggest spreaders of misinformation.


Google Cowed By Putin, Removed Russian Protest Voting App As Election Begins

Under pressure from Russian authorities, Google and Apple reportedly removed an app meant to coordinate protest votes to oust corrupt Putin Cronies



So I type in a search in google for “how robocallers outwitted the government” and the first result is the Washington Post which you can’t view the article unless you have a paid subscription.


Google provides 10 results on each page of their search so this is a waste of one of the slots in the their top 10 page one search results.

A search engine should be showing sites in their search results which has information which is readily available to read, NOT helping giant News sites promote subscriptions so they can make more money.



If you want to find webpages showing things, businesses and names of people who “sucks”, “is an idiot”, “a dumb ass” etc you’ll have to search in Bing or Yahoo to find what you’re looking for.

If you run a search for the name of a person or just about anything which “sucks” in google, you’ll find they have pretty much stopped showing on the first page of their search results (called SERPS) web pages with search phrases with words like “sucks”, “idiot”, “dumb ass”, etc in it.

Example… search-phrases like; “xyz business sucks”, “joe blow sucks”, “joe blow is an idiot” etc.

Google should not be filtering what is appropriate and politically correct to show in their search results, but they are.

Failing to show the most relevant web pages which has information matching what someone is looking for is CENSORSHIP.


This site was started in 2009 and it used to rank #1 in google for titles & descriptions of most of the articles posted. It also had 10’s of thousands of facebook likes instead of about 1,200. The reason the likes disappeared is because search engines began demanding (in 2019) sites were SSL or suffer loss of ranking & indexing. This means instead of HTTP, sites had to be HTTPS. Adding SSL to the site and an “S” to HTTP caused the facebook “likes” counter to be reset to “O”.

In 2017 google made changes to their algorithms causing primarily large corporate sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Esty, The Daily Beast, Washington Post, New York Times etc to show at the top of search results… and this site, nowhere to be found. Google is doing the same thing to small businesses… showing large corporate sites like Walmart, Target, Ebay & Amazon while burying small businesses in their search results.

These changes made it so only about half of the pages on this site are showing in google on page 1. Many of pages which used to show on page one of their search results are no where to be found.


This site has been online since 2009, was the first to use the name “Republicans Suck” and is CLEARLY the most relevant site on the internet for the search term “Republicans Suck“, yet it’s not showing in google’s search results.

Most of the page on this site has videos and articles from reliable mainstream news sources like NBC and CNN with comments.

A facebook page titled “Republicans Suck” (not associated with this site) is showing in the top position in the example above. Sometimes this site shows in the top position while the facebook page is nowhere to be found proving how inconsistent and undependable Google is as a search engine.

Despite Google not showing this site in most of their search results, it has remained popular on it’s on and gets traffic from other sources. As of today’s date, this site is in the top 100,000 sites in the United States and has an Alexa Ranking of 24,285.

Also, in some cases Yahoo will show relevant pages from this site when Google doesn’t and Google will show pages from this site when Yahoo doesn’t.  Sometimes Google AND Yahoo will show pages from this site such as “United States Government Sucks”.


Search for “Mike Pence Sucks” in google and large corporate sites are shown in the search results, yet this site which has the most extensive info about Mike Pence Sucks and it isn’t showing.


Search for “Ted Cruz Sucks” in google and large corporate sites are shown in the search results, yet this site which has the most extensive info about Ted Cruz Sucks and it isn’t showing.


Search for “Kevin McCarthy Sucks” in google and large corporate sites are shown in the search results, yet this site which has the most extensive info about – Kevin McCarthy Sucks isn’t showing.



For less competitive search phrases like “Republicans Responsible for Afghanistan Withdraw Disasters“, this site is ranking at the top of Yahoo, while it’s no where to be found on GOOGLE. Instead, GOOGLE shows search results from HUGE Corporate Sites which doesn’t match the searched keyword. A PRIME example of why GOOGLE SUCKS and isn’t the best.

If your a conservative and hate this site, consider this… the same thing is happening to conservative blogger sites… they are also getting squeezed out by google in favor of large corporate sites.

Conservatives has been complaining for years about google not showing their sites, as stated in an article at Google is biased against conservative websites.

As a person who believes in Democracy and freedom of speech, I defend conservative bloggers right to be seen in search results and their right to freedom of speech. On the issue of being seen in search results, conservatives and liberals should be united.



Most people who uses the internet use Google since they’ve been brainwashed & fooled into believing it’s the best search engine. It’s not, nor has it EVER been.

Google gives priority to large corporate sites while often burying the most relevant sites with the best information (if they’re not some corporate giant site). So if you use google exclusively, you may never see sites like or small businesses which doesn’t have large advertising budgets.

Since Page One of the search results are taken up by large corporate sites… if a small business owner wants to be seen in Google’s Page One Search Results, they must BID against other businesses and PAY Google as much as $10 or more a click to be seen.

Google makes billions from businesses wanting to be seen in their search results, so there’s an incentive to NOT SHOW small businesses and blogs on Page One. It’s sort of a “pay to play” scheme.


Google is NOT the Best Search Engine

The fact is that Google has always been a FLAWED Search Engine, which can be manipulated (a site’s ranking can be increased in google by buying links on high authoritative sites), and which doesn’t always show the best and most reliant websites in it’s search results.

Yahoo & Bing are much better search engines which shows more relevant sites in their search results which you won’t find in Google. Microsoft’s Bing search engine is the second most popular search engine in the world, with 15.8% of the search market. They also give you a grid of large thumbnails that you can click on to play or preview if you hover over them.

Try running a search in Google, then do the same search in Yahoo & Bing and you’ll find sites that you won’t find in Google.

It’s time the public wakes up and stops using Google. They discriminate against smaller sites and they don’t give the best search results. 


Feel free to copy & post the above banner all over the internet… on your website, blogs, facebook, twitter and everyplace you can think of.

Here’s the link to this page:

To download a copy, right-click your mouse over the image, then click “save image as”, then save to a folder on your computer.



To get an EXACT MATCH in google, use quotation marks around your searches like this; “your keyword phrase”.

Example: Trump Lying to the World About Winning 2020 Election is the title of an article on this site.

Try searching in google for “Trump Lying to the World About Winning 2020 Election” with and without quotations, like this;

Trump Lying to the World About Winning 2020 Election

“Trump Lying to the World About Winning 2020 Election”

You’ll find, using quotations, the above article comes up #1 in google.

Using quotations tells google you want an Exact Match.

Unfortunately most people don’t know about this so they end up getting the homogenized, politically correct BS Google serves up.



RIP Google, a Search Engine from 1998-2018

Back in the late 90’s, we had a choice of search engines: Altavista, Infoseek, Lycos, Dogpile and probably others I have long since forgotten. Then, with little warning or fanfare, a new competitor, “Google” showed up, offering far better search results, that initially baffled SEOs ( an industry that was yet to be named at the time) as to how to optimize for them.


Leaked Google research shows company grappling with censorship and free speech

A leaked research presentation put together by employees of Google shows the extent to which the search giant is grappling with decisions around freedom of speech and censorship.

Say goodbye to Google: 14 alternative search engines – Search Engine Watch

If you’re a regular Google user (65% of you globally) then you’ll have noticed some changes, both good and bad. I won’t debate the merits of these improvements, we’ve done that already here: Google kills Right Hand Side Ads and here: Google launches Accelerated Mobile Pages, but there’s a definite feeling of vexation that appears to be coming to a head.

Google is the Engine of Censorship – 21st Century Wire

21st Century Wire says… Late last year, search engine giant Google announced its plans to protect users from the horrors of ‘fake news’ by changing the way it presents search results. According to corporate officials, they hope to shelter readers by limiting access to what the company deems as “low-quality” information – while promoting what it calls ‘established’ mainstream sources.




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