Trump Run in 2024 May Be Thwarted Due to Being in Prison

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An ex-Watergate prosecutor told CNN he thinks President Donald Trump could go to prison for tax evasion based on an explosive New York Times report about Trump’s taxes.


Michael Cohen: N.Y. prosecutors will be the “first on line” to bring “trump and family to justice”


NYT Claims President Trump Family Used Tax Schemes To Avoid Paying Millions

Stephanie Ruhle breaks down the incredible report by the New York Times that details how the Trump family used various tax schemes to avoid paying hundreds of millions of dollars. Plus, how President Trump’s father funneled hundreds of millions to Donald in order to save his failing business.


(Graphic from Rachel Maddow Show)


(Graphic from Rachel Maddow Show)


Title from Youtube: “Michael Cohen Documents Raise Questions About Donald Trump Financial Fraud”

Description from Youtube: “Rachel Maddow looks at an example from the Donald Trump financial documents submitted by Michael Cohen as part of his House Oversight Committee testimony, in which Trump appears to adjust the valuation of a piece of real estate to change how he would look to a bank, which would be a crime if that’s the case”.


VIDEO TITLE: ‘Outright Fraud:’ Bombshell NYT Investigation Obliterates Trump’s Self-Made Myth

Video Description from Youtube: NYT’s David Barstow, Daily Beast’s Sam Stein, former DOJ spokesman Matt Miller, NBC’s Heidi Przybyla, WaPo’s Ashley Parker and Jennifer Rubin on the in-depth investigation detailing the alleged Trump family tax schemes.


Washington Post Article Claims Trump Reportedly Inflated His Net Worth To Borrow More Money


VIDEO TITLE: Tell-All Book Renews Attention On Trump Sister’s Ethics Inquiry

Video Description from Youtube: “Rachel Maddow shares a passage from Mary Trump’s new book, “Too Much and Never Enough,” and reminds viewers of the under-the-radar Trump scandal of his older sister having to give up her lifetime seat on the federal bench in order to avoid a judicial ethics inquiry into a massive multi-million dollar, alleged tax fraud scheme”.



Mary Trump Says Trump’s Legal Battles Could Prevent a 2024 Presidential Run | The View

Mary Trump, Pres. Trump’s niece, calls the idea of a Trump 2024 presidential run “preposterous.”


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