Ukrainian Plane Destruction & 176 Lives Lost Trump’s Fault

Ukrainian passenger plane carrying 176 people crashes near Tehran

The Ukrainian International Airlines Boeing 737 jet came down just minutes after take-off from Tehran today President Volodymyr Zelensky said there were no survivors among the 168 passengers and nine crew Ukraine’s foreign ministry revealed there were 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians and three Britons on flight PS752 Canadian prime minister

Experts claim the Ukrainian Plane was hit by an Iranian Missile.

OPINION: This missile attack would not have happen and 176 lives would not have been lost if TRUMP hadn’t destroyed Obama’s Peace Deal with Iran.

Therefore an argument could be made that TRUMP is responsible the for 176 lives lost, the contractor who was killed and all of the fallout associated with the Iranian Peace deal being destroyed.


Obama, others warned Trump that ditching Iran deal could lead to war

At the U.N. General Assembly in 2017, the French president warned that jettisoning the deal “without anything to replace it would be a grave mistake.” And he added that the agreement was “essential to peace, at a time when the risk of an infernal spiral cannot be ruled out.”

Trump responsible for Iran conflicts by pulling out of Iran nuke deal. Therefore Trump is directly responsible for the death of the US contractor in attack on Iraqi military base.

It’s clear that if Trump hadn’t destroyed the Iran nuke deal, none of the recent conflicts would have happen.



Video shows Trump predicting Obama would go to war with Iran to get re-elected. It appears that is EXACTLY what Trump is doing… and to also divert attention away from his lawlessness, corruption and impeachment.


The Trump Doctrine: Erasing The Black Man’s Legacy

When it comes to the actions of President Donald Trump, it doesn’t matter what the subject is. It could be pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord; withdrawing from TPP; repealing Obamacare; ending restroom protections for transgender students; rolling back “Let Girls Learn” and “Let’s Move” education and nutrition regulations and guidelines; talk of reversing open policies with Cuba and cancelling the Iran deal; or returning two U.S.


It appears Trump’s main reason for destroying the Iran nuke deal is because of his hatred and jealousy of Obama.


The numbers prove it: Trump’s Obama fixation is getting worse | CNN Politics

He made up a story about President Barack Obama trying “11 times” to call Kim Jong Un. He expressed suspicion of Obama’s post-presidency Netflix deal and book deal. He claimed he, “not Obama,” captured ISIS prisoners.


Trump and Mike Pompeo’s claims that Soleimani death has made the United States safer is BULLSHIT.

The assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani has NOT made the United States safer. It has stoked new hatred by Iranians who are now seeking revenge and our destruction.


Conflicts with Iran was started by the United States involvement in the 1953 Iranian coup d’état which helped put the Shah of Iran in power as detailed in the above videos. The Shah ran a brutally repressive regime, enforced by the notorious Savak secret police. He was backed all the way by the British and American governments.

This type of meddling is what caused the hatred of Iranians and people in the Mid-East against the United States.

Taking of US Hostages was Iranians reaction to the wrongs we inflicted against them. Amazing no one in our government has the guts, intelligence or decency to bring this up or admit it.

All of this hatred for the United States and conflicts could have been avoided if we would have minded our own business years ago and not interfered with other countries.


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