Stuart Varney: IDIOT for Claiming Trump Doesn’t Lie

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Stuart Varney is an IDIOT for claiming Trump doesn’t Lie when fact checkers found Trump has made over 30,000 false and misleading statements since becoming President

Until seeing this video, I had never heard of Stuart Varney from Fox Business. I was shocked to see him state that he doesn’t believe Trump lies when it’s clear to those of us who live in the REAL world, Trump is the biggest liar and most disgusting excuse of a human being ever to occupy the White House.

Amazing how this “Stuart Varney” complains about Joe Walsh’s “insults” when Trump has dished out more insults while refusing to apologize, than any politician in history.

I think anyone who says Trump doesn’t lie is either;

7. A Kiss Ass Brown Nosing Sycophant who has career, financial or political incentives to LIE
8. ALL of the above


More about Stuart Varney


Fox Business’ Stuart Varney Doubles Down On Ludicrous Claim That Trump Hasn’t Lied

The host called the idea of Trump lying “nonsense” and argued that the president only “exaggerates and spins.”

Fox’s Stuart Varney is behaving like banana republic propaganda minister by claiming Trump doesn’t Lie and failing to report how incompetent, lawless and corrupt Trump is to his audience.


Fox Host Stuart Varney’s Reversal On Trump

Fox Business host Stuart Varney did a complete reversal on former President Donald Trump in the span of just 5 months.


Ex-Fox News Reporter Shreds and Exposes The ‘Partisan Misinformation’ At His Old Network


Former Fox News analyst says Fox has become ‘destructive propaganda machine’


Lots of examples shown in this video of what hypocrites Fox program hosts are…


Examples of how Conservative Pundits made false statements to their audience about the coronavirus which supported Trump’s false statements. This is a prime example of how listening to & believing false information can put your life at risk.

This is a prime example of why people say Fox is “Fake News” and the Republican Propaganda Network which brainwashes people into voting for Republicans and supporting Trump.


Varney: Trump is ‘negotiator in chief’ at NATO, world leaders are ‘feeling the heat’

Fox Business host Stuart Varney applauded President Trump’s efforts abroad Wednesday as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s 70th-anniversary meeting comes to a close.

Varney misleads his audience by claiming “Trump is ‘negotiator in chief’ at NATO, world leaders are ‘feeling the heat'”

NOTHING could be further from the truth.


National Security Advisor John Bolton says World Leaders considered Trump to be a “laughing fool”


World Leaders Laughing at Trump at G20 and United Nations





Hey TRUMP Supporters This Is Your Dear Leader *Hilarious*


President CHUMP






Trump didn’t make America great… he’s done more damage than any other president in history. And yet Stuart Varney has continued to promote, support and defend Trump.


Growing up as a spoiled rich brat, Trump managed to evade consequences throughout his life for his rotten, disgusting, irresponsible and outrageous behavior. IMO no decent, intelligent person would or could support Trump or be friends with him.


Stuart Varney has continued to promote, support and defend Trump after Trump confessed to sexually assaulting women.


News reports claim Trump knew since March that Putin had placed and paid the Taliban $$ bounties $$ to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. Any yet, Stuart Varney is promoting, supporting and defending this TRAITOR.




Stuart Varney claiming that “Trump doesn’t Lie” proves he’s a delusional idiot who has NO credibility




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