Kentuckians are Stupid for Supporting Mitch McConnell

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Mitch McConnell is backtracking on his comments about businesses speaking out against the Georgia Voting Law, in his own corrupt, lying way.


Kentuckians are Stupid for voting for Republicans who do nothing for average Joe Americans & re-electing the worst congressman ever, Mitch McConnell to the Senate, over and over again.

This bastard has done more than anyone in history to DESTROY our country. He’s paid a huge salary by tax payers and does NOTHING except help the Rich and packs the courts with unqualified, Radical Right-wing “Judges”, against the will of the majority of Americans.

If we had a REAL democracy, he would not be the “Majority Leader”.  The Senate does not represent the majority and is rigged for Republicans because Red States like Wyoming which has a small population get as much say a California or New York, with huge populations.

According to 2018 Census Bureau estimates, more than half of the US population lives in just nine states. That means that much of the nation is represented by only 18 senators. Less than half of the population controls about 82 percent of the Senate.

This is UNEQUAL Representation and another reason why the United States Ranks 25th as a “Flawed Democracy”.

Just looking at this ugly turtle faced bastard with that stupid smirk on his face makes me SICK.

I’m originally from Kentucky and can’t believe how STUPID the majority of my fellow Kentuckians are for voting for this POS.

The stupidity of the masses of people who votes for DO-NOTHING Republicans is Mind-Boggling.


Mitch McConnell Most Corrupt Congressman in History


How Mitch McConnell Is Destroying the Senate


FOCUS | Mitch McConnell Is the Cancer of the U.S. Senate

Gibson writes: “Never before in our history has the U.S. Senate been as unproductive as the U.S. Senate post-2008. Even the staunchly obstructionist Republicans during FDR’s tenure got more done than our current Senate.” Senator Mitch McConnell’s seat is in play.


Mitch McConnell Hit With Ethics Complaint Over Impeachment Charade

Advocacy group Public Citizen has filed a formal ethics complaint against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell over statements that he has made recently about not being an impartial juror in the upcoming impeachment trial. By refusing to even act like he’s not going to vote to acquit Trump, McConnell has violated his oath of office, according to the complaint.




McConnell Russia Quid Pro Quo

It appears that Mitch McConnell lifted sanctions against a Russian oligarch in exchange for a steel mill to be built by Russians in Kentucky



Mitch McConnell Won’t Secure Elections Because Voting Machine Makers Fund Him

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell keeps blocking bipartisan efforts to protect our election systems from outside interference, both foreign and domestic. According to a new report by Sludge, McConnell has been taking in a boat load of cash from lobbyists who represent voting machine manufacturers.



Fox News Calls Out ‘Moscow Mitch’ McConnell’s Inaction on Russia

‘The Russians are absolutely intent on trying to interfere with our elections.’ — Even Fox News is joining the chorus of leaders and pundits calling out Majority Leader ‘Moscow Mitch’ McConnell’s inaction on Russian interference in past and future elections.


‘Moscow Mitch’ angry at being called ‘Moscow Mitch’


Mitch McConnell Is Right. Secure, Open Elections Would Elect More Democrats.

“They’re doing it as we sit here,” replied Robert S. Mueller III when asked in his testimony Wednesday whether Russia will again interfere in our elections. “And they expect to do it during the next campaign.”

Secure Elections Would Elect More Democrats. In other words, he’s afraid without Russia’s help, Republicans will LOSE


Mitch McConnell’s Trump Problem


Maddow reports how J. Todd Inman, who was a top aide on McConnell’s 2014 re-election campaign has been making money recently; “The Transportation Department under Secretary Elaine Chao designated a special liaison to help with grant applications and other priorities from her husband Mitch McConnell’s state of Kentucky, paving the way for grants totaling at least $78 million for favored projects as McConnell prepared to campaign for reelection,”


Mitch McConnell: Bought and paid for by Special Interest Lobbyists


I think Mitch McConnell sucks for putting politics above serving the American people. I feel he is one of the worst Senators in Congress, for deciding to “just say no” to everything president Obama proposed, for being an obstructionist, for voting no on gun control legislation and for wanting to cut social security

He proved he really meant “Our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term. He has opposed everything President Obama wanted which was good for Americans for Political purposes.


Opinion | Mitch McConnell, the man who broke America

“No majority leader wants written on his tombstone that he presided over the end of the Senate,” the minority leader said. He continued: “Breaking the rules to change the rules is un-American. I just hope the majority leader thinks about his legacy, the future of his party, and, most importantly, the future of our country before he acts.”

McConnell told fellow Republicans after Obama’s election: “We have a new president with an approval rating in the 70 percent area. We do not take him on frontally. We find issues where we can win, and we begin to take him down, one issue at a time. We create an inventory of losses, so it’s Obama lost on this, Obama lost on that. ”

And that’s what he did. By 2013, for example, 79 of Obama’s nominees had been blocked by filibusters, compared with 68 in the entire previous history of the Republic. Full article above.

This proves McConnell don’t give a DAM about the American people or respect their wishes. The Majority voted for and supported President Obama, and this no good piece of shit McConnell did everything possible to prevent Obama from being able to pursue the work he was elected to do.

I think McConnell and other obstructionists Republicans who put politics above the needs of the American People, deserves to be thrown out of congress.

They are a DISGRACE to our forefathers and to those who died fighting for freedom and democracy. This also applies to Republicans who passed laws making it difficult for people to vote.




Piece-of-shit McConnell blocked President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee and refused to allow a vote on the confirmation on Merrick Garland. This was a slap in the face to the overwhelming majority who voted for President Obama.


Antonin Scalia’s seat SHOULD have been filed by President Obama, who had the support of the MAJORITY of Americans. The fact the Republicans were kept this seat open for almost a year until a Republican (Trump) became president is an OUTRAGE and more proof of how screwed up, lawless and unjust the US Government is.


Since President Obama was put into office by an overwhelming majority, McConnell violated the Will of the People. This outrage CAN be undone as described by former Federal Prosecutor / Assistant U.S. Attorney Glenn Kirschner.


It appears Brett Kavanaugh lied Lied Under Oath, so if proved true he could be removed as a Supreme Court Justice.

Also, it appears Conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas may have Lied Under Oath so he could also be removed.

That’s TWO (2) Supreme Court which could be flipped to right the wrong which was done to the American people when Democrats has control of the Presidency, Congress and enough vote to Impeach these POS Conservative & Unfit “Justices”.


McConnell May Have Violated Senate Ethics Rules

Senate ethics rules prohibit Senate employees from participating in political activities while on government time. But the tape indicates that several of McConnell’s legislative aides, whose salaries are paid by the taxpayer, were involved with producing “digging up dirt” research on Judd that was discussed at the February 2 meeting.

If McConnell used anyone on his legislative staff to do opposition research, or paid campaign workers from his Senate payroll, he broke federal law on two separate counts and is in violation of Senate ethics rules.

FOCUS | Mitch McConnell Is the Cancer of the U.S. Senate

Gibson writes: “Never before in our history has the U.S. Senate been as unproductive as the U.S. Senate post-2008. Even the staunchly obstructionist Republicans during FDR’s tenure got more done than our current Senate.” Senator Mitch McConnell’s seat is in play.

Crew Smost Corrupt

crewsmostcorrupt – Blog yang memberikan informasi tentang kasus dan tokoh korupsi di USA


Video Title: Mitch McConnell Tied To Millions In Cocaine

Description: “Before the Ping May, a rusty cargo vessel, could disembark from the port of Santa Marta en route to the Netherlands in late August, Colombian inspectors boarded the boat and made a discovery. Hidden in the ship’s chain locker, amidst its load of coal bound for Europe, were approximately 40 kilograms, or about ninety pounds, of cocaine. A Colombian Coast Guard official told The Nation that there is an ongoing investigation.

The seizure of the narcotics shipment in the Caribbean port occurred far away from Kentucky, the state in which Senator Mitch McConnell is now facing a career-defining election. But the Republican Senate minority leader has the closest of ties to the owner of the Ping May, the vessel containing the illicit materials: the Foremost Maritime Corporation, a firm founded and owned by McConnell’s in-laws, the Chao family.

Though Foremost has played a pivotal role in McConnell’s life, bestowing the senator with most of his personal wealth and generating thousands in donations to his campaign committees, the drug bust went unnoticed in Kentucky, where every bit of McConnell-related news has generated fodder for the campaign trail.”


Cashing In On Obstruction: How Mitch McConnell’s Abuse of the Filibuster Benefits His Big Money Donors –



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