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In the above video Charlie Kirk says “If Trump Loses They Will Come For Your Children”. That is such a ridiculous statement that it’s hard to believe any rational person would take this guy seriously.

It’s typical of the delusional BS you hear out of Fact-Free, Alternate Reality, Republican, Conservative Right-wingers. Kirk gives a long list of reasons he “thinks” people hate Trump which are Bogus BS.


Republicans proved to be LAWLESS by Booing Mitt Romney at CPAC

The first time I recall ever seeing Charlie Kirk was in the above video where he’s commending Mitt Romney… the only Law Abiding Republican who had the decency and courage to vote to have Trump Removed from office.

Trump Obstructed Justice as detailed in the Mueller Report, was a Un-indicted Co-conspirator with his attorney Michael Cohen for crimes Cohen is now serving in Prison… Obstructed Congressional Investigations to prevent the American People from learning how he Violated his Oath of Office using unjustified claims of Executive Privilege and ordering Witnesses & Federal Employees not to comply with Congressional Subpoenas, and engaged in Abuse of Power by Withholding Ukraine Aid in exchange for.

In my opinion, Charlie Kirk and those who think Trump did nothing wrong and shouldn’t have been impeached are either STUPID, LAWLESS, IDIOTS, MORONS or all of the above.



Charlie Kirk Warns Weed Delivery Is “Slavery”


Charlie Kirk’s Deleted Tweets About US Capitol Siege Involvement


Hey, Dumb Ass Repubs… Democrats don’t want your FUCKING GUNS


Description from YouTube; “Charlie Kirk goes on an insane rant about liberals and Thanksgiving”.

OPINION: Charlie Kirk’s assertions that “Liberals hate Thanksgiving” is total BS.

I never heard anything so ridiculous. EVERYONE likes Thanksgiving. I think Charlie Kirk is an idiot (who looks like / acts like a neanderthal in the above video) and is an embarrassment to himself.

I don’t consider myself to be a “Liberal” or a Democrat at all. I’m a Kentucky Redneck who’s fed up with Republicans LIES and Anti-Democratic Authoritarian Fascist Bullshit.


Description from Youtube;  “From Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk to Laura Loomer to Kent State girl, 2018 was a year filled with idiots—including the many denizens of the conspiracy-addled, Trump-worshipping, far-right political swamp”.

The reasons I hate Trump are listed below and it doesn’t include ANY of the ridiculous BS Kirk listed in the above video.

At the very top of all reasons I despise Trump is because I find him to be revolting and disgusting, obnoxious excuse of a Human Being, who lies constantly & has no decency or humility.

Trump’s lack of decency and honesty doesn’t seem to bother Republicans who support him ONE BIT!


Are you OK with Trump’s bragging about “Grabbing Women by the PUSSY”, Charlie?


Are you OK with Trump’s disgusting conduct like the above at his Rallies in front of women and children, Charlie?


Are you OK with Trump’s Sexual Harassment of Women, Charlie?


Jury finds Donald Trump sexually abused E. Jean Carroll in civil case


Are you OK with Trump praising murderous Dictators like Kim Jong Un and demanding he be treated the same, Charlie?


Are you OK with Trump’s Lying with Impunity to the American people, Charlie?


Trump CLEARLY violated his oath of office and should have been Impeached as detailed in the above video.


Fox News’ Judge Napolitano urges Republicans to impeach Trump in an incredible speech


Title from Youtube; Charlie Kirk HILARIOUSLY Called Out For Hypocrisy

Description from Youtube; Charlie Kirk was hilariously called out for hypocrisy at a Turning Point USA event. Ana Kasparian and Michael Brooks break it down on


Title from Youtube; Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA Stick it to the Poors

Description from Youtube; Citizen Journalists Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp go undercover at Arizona State University and profile the founder of conservative campus group Turning Point USA.




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