Trump and Rand Paul Sucks for Harassing Whistleblower

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Trump and Rand Paul demanding that the identity of a Whistleblower be revealed proves they are LAWLESS by failing to respect Whistleblower Protection Laws

The Whistleblower is a Patriot who did his patriotic duty by reporting wrong-doing by the LYING, CORRUPT, LAWLESS CROOK in the White House.

If any harm comes to the Whistleblower as a result of Trump, Rand Paul or any other Republican, the Whistleblower should SUE them for everything they’ve got.


CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin says Trump has already broken the law.

“If this were a private company, the board would fire the CEO for behaving this way towards a whistleblower,” Toobin said on CNN Monday. “The whole whistleblower idea is they should have protections, anonymity, much less be attacked by the President of the United States.”

Toobin called Trump’s actions against the whistleblower “pure harassment” and a “sideshow” since much of what the whistleblower alleged in the original complaint has been corroborated by witnesses called by Congress in the past few weeks.

“This is one of the tests of our democracy under Donald Trump,” said Toobin. “That, you know, he has violated so many norms. He has violated so many laws like this one, that, you know, we — you know, we have to decide what our priorities are.”


Rand Paul shows what a lawless, disgusting piece of shit he is by attempting to out the Ukraine Whistleblower


Rand Paul gets what he deserves by getting yelled at by protestors and called a “Human Turd”. That’s what POS Repubs need… a dose of reality from REAL PEOPLE telling them to their face what pieces of shit they are



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