Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam Electric Chair

May 23, 2014 Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Haslam signed a bill into law to allow the use of the Electric Chair when lethal injection drugs are unavailable.   Click here and here to read articles.

By authorizing electrocutions,  Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has proven to be a heartless bastard who is unfit for any position of authority.  He should be removed / voted out of office.

Charlie Brown, the 2014 Democratic Gubernatorial candidate said of Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam (R) that he would like to “put his butt in an electric chair and turn it on about half throttle and let him smell a little bit,” according to this article in Mother Jones- http://huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/08/charlie-brown-bill-haslam-tennessee_n_5662940.html

The electric chair is the most horrible and painful way to die ever created.  If you have never had a 110 volt or more shock then you cannot imagine how painful an electric shock can be.

Anyone who feels using the Electric Chair is a OK method to kill someone should try being tasered for 15 – 20 seconds. That is the same period of time a victim is initially shocked with 1,800 volts to kill them in the chair.

One who is put to death by electrocution is literally burned alive.

This is yet another example of man’s inhumanity to man and the incredible ignorance of  so called government leaders and the supreme court.  If the “powers that be”  had any sense, they would have outlawed the Electric Chair over 100 years ago after the first execution using this horrific misuse of technology.

It was apparent from the very first execution, that the Electric Chair was cruel and unusual punishment.  Click here to read the history of the Electric Chair.

Electricity should only be used for powering electrical devises, not hooked up to human beings and animals in slaughterhouses.

The Electric Chair May Destroy the Soul

There are documented cases of people having near death experiences in which they leave their body, then come back and report what they saw.  This helps prove that there is life after death.

The brain functions using minute electrical impulses.  Although no one knows for sure, the soul may be a sort of copy of the brains electrical impulses which continues throughout eternity after the physical body dies

During a natural death, a person makes a natural transition from the physical body to the spiritual body.  Electrocution makes a peaceful transition impossible because alternating current is being passed through the victims entire body during the entire time the person is dying.  Trillions of electrons are being forced through the victims body and brain at molecular level.  This causes excruciating pain and may trap the victims life-electricity soul in a violent electric field which is switching polarity anywhere from 60 to 300 cycles per second.   Human beings were never made to endure such unnatural trauma.

The book, Nature Suffrage by Charles Ralph Mabee states “if life-electricity contains the intellect, the electric chair destroys the soul of man”.

“Four invisible forces, life-electricity, electricity, gravity and magnetism, inhibit the human body.  Life-electricity gives intelligence to matter, as gravity gives weight to matter.  We know that the intelligence of man may be blotted out through the operation of an electrical law whereby unlike charges of electricity attract one another with a force which is in direct proportion to the product of the charges.  As the intellect and will of man are properties of a form of matter, this matter is subjected to transformation through contact with an unlike charge of electrical matter of high intensity, such as the charge which passes through the body of criminals during electrocution.  It is logical to conclude that the current employed during electrocution, being of great intensity, transforms the life-electricity of which the intellect is a property, into an unintelligent form of matter, much the same as when heat is added to ice, the ice is transformed into water and steam, and no longer displays the characteristics of ice”.

It is therefore possible that death by the Electric Chair may cause the victim’s soul to be destroyed and they may suffer through eternity.

Electrocution is clearly inhumane,  cruel, unusual punishment and must be stopped.

Mistakes are made and many an innocent person has been wrongly convicted of a crime they did not commit and put to death.

Many people feel it is justifiable to use the most painful methods available to execute a convicted murderer.  People who feel that way should consider how they would like being electrocuted and how they would feel if their Mother, Dad, Son, Daughter, Brother or Sister were to die in the Electric Chair.

Most people who commit violent murders are sick individuals.  They were either born that way or bad circumstances made them that way.

Almost anyone is capable of killing another human being under the right circumstances.

When we as a society use capital punishment to kill another human being, we become as guilty of murder as the criminal whose life is snuffed out.

The Sixth Commandment reads: Thou shalt not kill. (Exodus 20:13)

In response to Gov. Bill Haslam authorizing use of the Electric Chair we are asking everyone to:

1. Vote Gov. Bill Haslam out of office by voting for his opponent.

2. Boycott Tennessee and do not go there until the Electric Chair has been outlawed in Tennessee

3.  Call Gov. Bill Haslam and tell him what you think about his authorizing such inhumane,  cruel, unusual punishment – (615) 741-2001

We need to send a loud and clear message to Gov. Bill Haslam and any other Government official who wants to start using the Electric Chair again, there will be a political  cost for doing so.

It’s time to pull out the plug on the Electric Chair, Once and for all!