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Sebastion Gorka Sucks

Who Is Sebastian Gorka? Narrated By Shalewa Sharpe


Description from Youtube; “White House aide Sebastian Gorka used to work at Breitbart.com, has been photographed wearing a pin associated with a Nazi-allied group and may be one of Donald Trump’s closest political advisers.”


Gorka and Hannity Suggest Hillary Clinton Be Executed

Majority Report talks to Heather Digby Parton about the right-wing media’s total alternate reality being created about Hillary Clinton and their own party.

Video shows a clip of Sebastion Gorka on Hannity where he compares Hillary to the Rosenbergs, suggesting that she should be executed for collusion with Russia. That is a outlandish, reckless statement.

I think Sebastion Gorka Sucks and is an idiot for suggesting Hillary Clinton (who I’m no fan of) should be executed.


The REAL Traitor is Donald Trump who Sebastion Gorka appears to support.

It is clear that Trump’s actions have & are giving considerable “Aid and Comfort” to a sworn Enemy (Russia) which at this very moment has Nuclear Missiles aimed at the United States


Robert Reich examines Trump’s treasonous behavior towards Vladimir Putin

TRUMP has Praised Putin and defended him… over and over again. TRUMP has refused to EVER say anything negative about Putin.


The REAL collusion with Russia is with TRUMP and associates as shown in the above video.


This graphic accurately depicts how Trump has been subservient to Russia / Putin’s wishes. Republicans are doing nothing to “Defend and Protect” the United States from this foreign adversary which is dedicated to our destruction.


Only an IDIOT would defend and support TRUMP’S uncouth, disgusting conduct and fail to recognize that he is TOTALLY unfit to be President.


FOX FAKE NEWS PUNDITS has divided this country and is doing irreparable harm. If Rupert Murdoch had any integrity and really loved this country, he would put patriotism above profits and FIRE Republican / Trump Propaganda HACKS Hannity, Tucker, Fox & Friends and others on his network who LIES by ommission of the facts.


Video Title from Youtube: Hungarian Police Have Active Warrant For Sebastian Gorka’s Arrest


Trump, the Russians & Fox News

As the Mueller investigation could be closing in, the White House is scrambling to discredit the messenger with a big assist from Fox News.

The above video shows how FOX / Hannity and his ILK are spreading LIES and propaganda to provide cover for “Worst President Ever” and Biggest LIAR Ever Trump.


Former Fox News analyst says Fox has become ‘destructive propaganda machine’

Fox is the REAL Fake News but the low information people who watches shows like Hannity, Tucker and Fox & Friends are too STUPID to know their being lied to, too stupid to know facts from fiction and their being fed Republican propaganda.


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