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John Kennedy Sucks for Telling People to “Kiss my Ass”

Ignorant Republican “Hayseed Hick” John Kennedy tells people who are against opening schools to prevent kids them from contracting COVID-19 to “Kiss my ass!”


As we have seen since Trump was installed into office by the Electoral College, every decision he makes has been about what’s best for HIM.

Forcing Schools to re-open is no different.


Schools are swarms of people interacting with each other, passing along germs all day long. Forcing kids and teachers back into schools while the pandemic is out-of-control will ignite the spread of Covid-19 like wildfire. Kids will take virus germs back to their homes and families, accelerating the spread of Covid-19, causing unimaginable devastation.


After the way Trump has disastrously handled his time in the White House and the Pandemic… do you really trust him to make health decisions about your child’s life?


GOP Cowards

They know that Trump is unfit to lead. They know that he is morally repugnant. They know he is a threat to our democracy. Yet, the GOP remains silent, afraid of a late-night tweetstorm.



This video details some of Trump’s outrageous behavior which apparently Senator John Kennedy supports


Despite overwhelming evidence that Trump violated his Oath of Office, Senator John Kennedy refused to vote to remove him from office.



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