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Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert: Pieces of SHIT

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert prove they’re Human Garage and Disgusting Pieces of SHIT by Heckling President Joe Biden.  This is just anther example of what despicable, classless, human garbage some REPUBLICANS are, especially the RINO’s which support Trump.

If a Democrat had heckled Trump like Greene and Boebert did during a State of the Union, I’ll bet Trump would have immediately called them out and berated them. Republicans probably would have demanded the person(s) be arrested, removed from congress and they would received death threats from Trump supporter (as they always do).

If I were President and someone heckled me they way they did President Biden, I have stopped the speech, called them out and demanded the sergeant at arms remove them from the house chamber (just like Trump likely would have).

I would have said something like; “excuse me sergeant at arms, we have someone here who seems to think they’re at a Trump Rally instead of a State of the Union Address. Would you please remove this person so we can continue without interruptions?”

While they were being removed, I would had said something like; “you see my fellow Americans, and people from around the world… this is a prime example of the type classless, lawless, scum of the earth, human garbage some Republicans has become. A Democrat has NEVER behaved in such a outrageous, disgraceful, disrespectful, despicable manner during a proceeding such as this. People who behave like this are UN-Fit to hold any type of position in Public Office“.

I wouldn’t care if every single Republican got up and left.  If they did, I’m sure every Democrats would stand up and applaud while they were leaving. I would have said something like… “like I said, this is a prime example of the type classless, lawless, scum of the earth, human garbage Republicans has become”. 

Democrats need to stop being wimps and call out Republicans when they behave like assholes.

In the above video, Ex-Marine Jesse Dollemore talks about Marjorie Taylor Greene’s reprehensible behavior at the State of the Union Address where she and Lauren Boebert treated the evening like some kind of hybrid Monster Truck / Trump rally. In a desperate move, they tried to get a chant going of “Build the wall, which didn’t work.



Jamie Raskin Demolishes Marjorie Taylor Greene over her stupid remarks about Russia and Ukraine


Colorado Lawmakers Slam Lauren Boebert As A Carnival Sideshow

Lauren Boebert is one of many US lawmakers from Colorado, and her outburst at the State of the Union Address this week has drawn condemnation from her fellow Colorado lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. One US Representative likened her behavior to that of a grade school child or, worse, a carnival sideshow.


Lauren Boebert VOTES NO on Funding for Sick Vets After Heckling Biden About Same Issue

Ex-Marine Jesse Dollemore talks about the hypocrisy of Republican Lauren Boebert, who voted NO on a bill to aid sick veterans. This dereliction of duty came on the heels of her chiding and heckling Joe Biden during his State of the Union Address while he was talking about this very bill.


Lauren Boebert Defends Her Disgusting Outburst During State Of The Union

Republicans Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene both had disgusting outbursts during President Biden’s first State of the Union address this week, and neither are backing down as they face mounting calls for punishment. Boebert defended her actions, claiming that Biden is responsible for deaths caused by opposition in Afghanistan, and proceeded to call him the worst president in history.


911 Audio of Lauren Boebert Family HARASSING neighbors released


US general says Afghanistan collapse rooted in Trump-Taliban deal

Senior military officials in the United States have linked the collapse of the Afghan government and its security forces in August to former President Donald Trump’s deal with the Taliban in 2020 promising a complete withdrawal of US troops.

US general says Afghanistan collapse rooted in Trump-Taliban deal

Per the above article; “Senior military officials in the United States have linked the collapse of the Afghan government and its security forces in August to former President Donald Trump’s deal with the Taliban in 2020 promising a complete withdrawal of US troops”.

Boebert and Republicans prove what POLITICAL HACKS they are by feigning outrage to score cheap political points over Afghanistan, when it was Trump’s agreement with the Taliban which was to blame for deaths during the United States withdraw.


Trump Responsible for Death of 4 Soldiers Ambushed Oct. 4 in Niger, Northern Africa

“They were left on their own and it was The Alamo. They were abandoned,” the parent of one of the American commandos who died told ABC News. “The sad thing is, they didn’t realize they’d been left behind, and by the time the other guys attempted to get to them, it was probably too late, and they’d been killed.”

Boebert and Republicans wants to BURY this disastrous special operations which TRUMP authorized less than a week after he took office which resulted in the deaths of 4 Soldiers ambushed Oct. 4 in Niger, Northern Africa. This was worse than Benghazi but crickets out of Republicans because to them, everything is about politics, seizing and maintaining power while doing NOTHING for the American people.


Here’s another example… Joe Wilson yelling “You Lie” during President Obama’s address to congress was another DISGRACE and OUTRAGE by human garbage, POS Republicans. You never see Democrat politicians behave like this.


During the 4 years Trump was President, Democrats never heckled Trump or  yelled “You Lie” during any of his Braggadocious “State of the Union” Bloviations, even though he deserved it. Trump averaged one false claim every 2.5 minutes in his 2020 State of the Union address.


And lets not forget how Trump Kissed Putin’s ass during the entire time he was President.

Republicans has continued supported Trump, even after the January 6 Insurrection while LYING about the 2020 election being “Stolen” and “Trump Won” with NO PROOF or evidence.


Trump recently praised Putin as a ‘genius’ for Invading Ukraine. Now many of the same Trump supporting Republicans are trying to claim they’re against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine when not long ago, they were praising him for being a “Strong Leader”.




Republicans proved what Lawless, Treasonous, scum of the earth they are by Praising Autocrat Dictator Putin, who has opponents jailed, poisoned and murdered as a “Strong Leader” and waving Russian flags at the 2017 CPAC.



Comedian Steve Hofstetter Rips Lauren Boebert


Title from YouTube: “Marjorie Greene PROFITS From Russia’s War With Ukraine”

Description from YouTube: “Marjorie Greene is once again in the news and this time it’s for buying stocks in defense contractor Lockheed Martin just a day before tweeting that war and warmongering are incredibly profitable”.


Videos shows some of the insane shit Marjorie Taylor Greene has said and done


Marjorie Taylor Greene should be arrested for advocating Democrats be executed, she’s lawless & unfit to hold office for failing to vote to impeach Trump for Insurrection & Inciting the Capital Riot, an idiot for claiming Trump’s impeachment is a “Witch Hunt”, filing Impeachment against Joe Biden on day one of his Presidency, harassing teenager David Hogg, insinuating Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland FL was fake and other outrageous behavior



Dee Snider to gun-loving Colorado congresswoman: AR-15 stands for “You AR a f**king idiot”

Tragically, Colorado was hit with another mass shooting on Monday (March 22nd), in which a lone gunman killed 10 people in a Boulder supermarket with a handgun described as an AR-15 style assault weapon.






Republicans are the party of Liars. Lunatics, Lawlessness, Violence, Sedation, Insurrection, Treason, Bigots, Racists, Bullies, Redneck Hicks, Gun Nuts, Domestic Terrorists, White Supremacist, Neo Nazis, Dumb-asses, Lowlifes, Neanderthals, Anti-intellectual “Know Nothings”, Corporate Whores, Christian-Taliban Sharia Law Religious Fanatics, Science Deniers, Facts Deniers, Kooks, Qanon Conspiracy Nuts, Alternative Reality Gaslighters and Anti-Democratic Fascists who praised the Ruthless Dictator of Russia, Putin for years… a War Criminal committing Genocide, murdering civilians, children and babies in Ukraine.







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Marjorie Taylor Greene Radical Right Wing LUNATIC

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Radical Right Wing LUNATIC & disgusting piece of SHIT for saying Biden is a Piece of  Shit, advocating Democrats be executed, harassing Parkland High School teenagers, a Qanon Conspiracy Nut saying Parkland High School shooting was fake and claiming Trump’s impeachment was a “Witch Hunt”.


Crazed Republican Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene called the Parkland Shooting faked


Democratic Strategist James Carville calls Marjorie Taylor Greene “White Trash”. He’s RIGHT!


Marjorie Taylor Greene run out of New York City!


Unhinged Republican lunatic Marjorie Taylor Greene has even called for Democrats to be executed


and Disgusting Excuse of a Human Being for supporting the WORST & most LAWLESS fake “President” in history





Marjorie Taylor Greene Saying Crazy Shit & Lying



Marjorie Taylor Greene Should Be Expelled After Suggesting Using 2nd Amendment Against Democrats

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has finally crossed a line that should result in her immediate expulsion. During an interview this week, Greene suggested that it might be time to use the “2nd Amendment” against what she believes to be tyrannical Democrats running the government. There really is only one way to interpret this statement, and there is absolutely no excuse for a human being like this to remain an elected official in this country.


Jamie Raskin Demolishes LUNATIC Marjorie Taylor Greene over her stupid remarks about Russia and Ukraine


Marjorie Taylor Greene told to F*CK OFF by Neighbors


The above is a screen capture from the video above in which MTG calls Democrats “Communists” and claims they are “Terrified”. Just another example of what a delusion dumb-ass lunatic Marjorie Taylor Greene is because Democrats aren’t “Communists” and they aren’t “Terrified” of anything. The law and the majority of Americans are on Democrats side.



Description from YouTube; “Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene launched into a rant that has been described as “psychotic” against President Joe Biden. In a video she put out on the conservative social media site Gettr, Greene called Biden a “Piece of Shit”, and then went into how he’s a failure of a president. Not surprisingly, her temper tantrum is filled with misinformation, but that’s the only thing she fights with”.


Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks Joe Biden is a “Piece of Shit”? Well, I think Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Piece of Shit and so are almost ALL Republicans… and she can EAT SHIT




Marjorie Taylor Greene should be arrested for advocating Democrats be executed, she’s lawless & unfit to hold office for failing to vote to impeach Trump for Insurrection & Inciting the Capital Riot, an idiot for claiming Trump’s impeachment is a “Witch Hunt”, filing Impeachment against Joe Biden on day one of his Presidency, harassing teenager David Hogg, insinuating Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland FL was fake and other outrageous behavior



Jamie Raskin’s response to LUNATIC Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ludicrous suggestion that members of the House’s Jan. 6 committee are “communists.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a ANTI-DEMOCRATIC FASCIST who worships an INSANE Wanna-be Dictator






REPUBLICAN BULLY Marjorie Taylor Greene Threatens ‘Price Of Blood’ For Passing Biden’s Agenda

Marjorie Taylor threatened that we will have to “pay the price of blood” if Biden’s agenda gets passed. Greene is apparently so upset at the thought of Americans actually benefiting from the Build Back Better Act that she thinks violence is the only appropriate response to it.



Qanon Conspiracy Nut Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene proved how unfit she is by filing Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden on same day he was sworn in as President. None of the issues mentioned was “committed” while Biden was President.

Some of the things she mentioned, Trump committed such as the Trump / Ukraine quid pro quo… LAWLESS Rubes voted NOT to impeach him for similar charges she’s trying to levy against Biden.


Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene choose conspiracy theories over reality in this crazed proposal on Newsmax. John Iadarola and Brett Erlich break it down on The Damage Report.


Title from YouTube; “Deranged Republican Congresswoman Says She’s Impeaching Joe Biden On Day 1”

Description from YouTube; “Republicans are already planning revenge against the Democrats, and apparently newly-minted Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene will be the one leading the way. During an appearance on Newsmax this week, Greene said that she would be introducing articles of impeachment against Joe Biden on the FIRST DAY of his administration”.


(above is from twitter)

Her accusations of nepotism are NOTHING compared to the nepotism Trump engaged in. Trump’s son-in-law and daughter were given jobs in the White House they weren’t qualified to fill. The hypocrisy is so blatant I’m surprised she had the nerve to post this. Everyone knows that Rubes said & did nothing about the gross lawlessness and abuses Trump engaged in while refusing to hold him accountable for anything.



Twitter locks account of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican who promoted QAnon

Greene promoted online conspiracy theory QAnon in a 2017 video but later backtracked, saying it was not part of her campaign. She won a House seat in conservative rural northwest Georgia after her Democratic opponent dropped out.



Marjorie Taylor Greene Laughs When Asked About COVID Deaths

Marjorie Taylor Greene made the false claim (lie) earlier this week that the only people getting sick from COVID were the elderly or the obese. This is absolutely not true, and when a reporter asked her about the other people dying from COVID, Greene’s response was to laugh like a lunatic and say that the reporter “cracks her up.” People are dying, and Marjorie Taylor Greene is laughing. Farron Cousins discusses this.


Michael Rapaport rips Marjorie Taylor Greene


Cori Bush Moves Office Away From Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene For ‘Team’s Safety’

Rep. Bush announced that she was moving her House office after she says a maskless Rep. Greene “berated” her while in a hallway. Greene says Bush started it.


Title from YouTube: “I used to work for Marjorie Taylor Greene. here’s why I quit”


CNN’s John Berman reacts to comments made by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) comparing mask mandates to the treatment of the Jews during the Holocaust.


CNN’s Anderson Cooper calls out Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for her past comments after the House voted to remove her from her committee assignments for extreme comments she made before winning her seat.


Rep. Steny Hoyer TORCHES Republicans as House debates removing Greene from committees


Marjorie Taylor Greene Must Be Expelled


David Hogg Responds to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Harassment


Description from YouTube; “Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) past comments supporting the execution of prominent Democrats and others about the Parkland school shooting”.


2019 video shows Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene telling people to flood the Capitol

CNN’s Erin Burnett takes a look at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) conspiracy theories and how some House Republicans remain silent about her, but publicly bash Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) after she voted to impeach President Trump.


Description from YouTube; “Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene repeatedly indicated support for executing prominent Democratic politicians in 2018 and 2019 before being elected to Congress, a CNN KFile review of hundreds of posts and comments from Greene’s Facebook page shows”.



Over 250,000 people have signed a petition demanding Marjorie Taylor Greene be removed from the House Education and Labor Committees

An article at Businessinsider.com claims the following about Marjorie Taylor Greene;

  • Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene expressed support on social media for assassinating top Democrats. Details…
  • “Marjorie Taylor Greene endorsed a deranged conspiracy theory about Democrats and satanic child murder”. Details…
  • “On Facebook in 2018, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene endorsed conspiracy theories that 9/11 was an inside job and that Sandy Hook was staged”. Details…
  • “In 2018, Greene wrote on Facebook that “the stage is being set” to hang Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton”. Details…


In social media posts, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called her Democratic colleagues “the enemies to the American people” and vowed they “will be held accountable”

Just days after pro-Trump insurrectionists inspired by the departing president stormed the Capitol, resulting in several deaths, extremist Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia used her official Twitter and Facebook accounts to share overheated commentary about her Democratic colleagues as tensions remain high.



Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene refused to vote to Impeach Trump who incited a riot, attempted a coup d’etat to stay in power against the will of the people which resulted in the deaths of 5 people and could have resulted in deaths of members of congress and Vice President Pence.


Trump told his supporters to ‘fight like hell.’ And they listened


Capitol Police officer crushed in door by the Trump Supporting MAGA MOB of TERRORIST THUGS, brainwashed with lies from REPUBLICANS that the 2020 Election was Rigged & Stolen


The above video shows what LAWLESS, TREASONOUS THUGS Repubs are. #LockThemUp!


Republicans who tried to overturn the 2020 Election Results are UNDEMOCRATIC TOTALITARIAN FASCIST, BANANA REPUBLIC AUTHORITARIANS who attempted make the Worst and most lawless President in History Trump an UN-Elected DICTATOR.


Republican “Conservative” have ALWAYS been the most LAWLESS and CORRUPT… because they’re NEANDERTHAL BULLIES by nature!



Half of Trump Supporters are so Stupid, they believe the baseless Qanon conspericy theory that “Satan-worshipping cannibalistic pedophiles are running a global child sex-trafficking ring” and that “Democrats sacrifice children and drink their blood to extend their lives”.

This insane BS shows what Brain-Dead MORONS Republicans are.

The fact that Rubes support Trump… the biggest LIAR and Con Artist in history (over 30,000 false, misleading statements and LIES) PROVES how incredibly STUPID they are in the first place.



Description from YouTube; “Trump praised a QAnon supporter who is on the verge of becoming a Republican member of Congress, tweeting that Marjorie Taylor Greene is “a real winner” after her primary victory”



Marjorie Taylor Greene is Going to Get Somebody Killed


Parkland families call for Marjorie Taylor Greene’s resignation after posts surface showing she agreed shooting was a ‘false flag’ | CNN

Students who survived the Parkland, Florida, school shooting and families of the victims are calling for Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s resignation, after comments surfaced that showed her agreeing with people who said the 2018 shooting was a “false flag” operation.

Fact check: 11 false claims Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has tweeted in the last month | CNN Politics

A rookie Republican congresswoman from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene, was suspended from Twitter on Sunday for 12 hours after she repeatedly tweeted election misinformation.





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