IMO, Umpire Rob Drake Should be Fired

Major League Baseball investigating umpire Rob Drake’s tweet calling for civil war if Trump is impeached

Major League Baseball is looking into a now-deleted tweet from umpire Rob Drake warning of a civil war if president Donald Trump is impeached. According to a copy of the tweet obtained by ESPN, Drake tweeted that he planned to buy an assault rifle “because if you impeach MY PRESIDENT this way, YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER CIVAL WAR!!!

According to the above article and a copy of the tweet obtained by ESPN, Drake tweeted that he planned to buy an assault rifle “because if you impeach MY PRESIDENT this way, YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER CIVAL WAR!!! #MAGA2020”.

The above articles states “The Twitter account was switched to private mode Wednesday night, but USA TODAY Sports reviewed other tweets from the account before the change was made. Messages included a claim that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and a tweet to Hillary Clinton calling her an “(expletive) liar,” demanding the truth about “#benghazzi.”

Here’s copies of other tweets from the above article;


I think Umpire Rob Drake should fired for his controversial tweets which are inconsistent with the “Mom & Apple Pie” values of America’s favorite pass-time… Baseball.

If he also threatened to “buy an assault rifle” while making threats of “Civil War” as reported, I feel he should have been arrested. Lots of other people expressed the same opinion on twitter.

High School kids are arrested all the time for making threats of violence so it should be no different for adults, public figures, celebrities, etc.


My response to his tweets are as follows;

Trump deserved to be impeached more than ANY other President in history.

Trump is inferior to Obama is every way. Obama was a FAR better President, a better role model with decency, humility… and intellectually, morally, ethically superior.

Birth certificate records clearly show Obama WAS born in the United States. I think people who say & believe otherwise are delusional conspiracy nuts and/or racists who hate him BC he’s black.

Unlike Republicans like Nixon, Reagan and George W. Bush and Trump, President Obama ran a scandal free administration with ZERO indictments and convictions.

The above graphics prove Republicans are ALWAYS the most lawless and corrupt. I think it’s because it’s in their DNA to be BULLIES who will use want-ever means it takes to get what they want.

It’s Right-wingers who are the ones who most often makes violent threats because they are bullies at their core.

Take Trump for instance, he LOOKS and ACTS like a ruthless BULLY.



As shown above NUMEROUS Trump associates have either been found guilty or plead guilty of various crimes. His attorney Rudy Giuliani is currently under investigation.

Here’s a list of SOME of Trump’s outrageous behavior which most of his supporters are TOO STUPID or TOO UNINFORMED (from watching FOX) to realize…



Trumps conduct as it relates to Putin has been subservient, treasonous and disgusting. Trump acts like he’s a Russian agent and Manchurian candidate.


Right-wingers / Conservatives / Republicans obsession of Benghazi is all about their HATE for Obama and Hillary

Here’s the FACTS about Benghazi…

Republican Kevin McCarthy admitted that the House Benghazi Investigations was all about taking down Hillary Clinton


Republicans SHAMELESSLY exploited the deaths of 4 Americans for their own political gain. The numerous Benghazi investigations by Republicans which cost taxpayers millions was motivated by Politics, Hate for President Obama and to “Get” Hillary Clinton.


Republicans Benghazi Investigations were the longest and most extensive in the history of the United States, costing taxpayers over $4 Million Dollars. Despite Republicans best efforts to GET Hillary, they could find NO wrong doing.

And BTW, I have NEVER been a fan or supporter of Bill & Hillary Clinton. These are just the facts.


60 Americans died while George W. Bush was President. There were no endless investigations by Republicans into those deaths… proving that the endless Benghazi investigations were politically motivated and motivated by HATE. The investigations also proved that Republicans are Hypocrites for failing to equally investigate the 60 deaths which occurred on BUSH’S watch.




If you read this post “ROB” and you don’t like what I have to say, I didn’t like what YOU had to say. You have a right to express your opinions and so do I. The difference is that you are a “Public Figure”… I’m not. You’re also associated with Sports… which is entertainment that should remain non-political.

This article and other people’s tweets and comments are in response to YOUR comments / tweets.

IMO, your statements and beliefs are typical of the type of people who vote for Republicans and voted for Trump. So my response is not only to you, but those who think like you and share your stupidity.


I think this meme perfectly depicts the type of people who vote for Republicans.


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