Republican Representative Joe Wilson SUCKS

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Asshole & POS Republican Joe Wilson got what he deserved in April 2017 when his constituents yelled at HIM… YOU LIE!


Congressman Who Shouted ‘You Lie’ at Obama in 2009 Gets the Same Treatment

Joe Wilson, the Congressman who shouted “You lie!” to President Barack Obama in 2009, received the same treatment from his own constituents


Republican Joe Wilson yelling “You Lie” during President Obama’s address to congress was a DISGRACE. He’s unfit to be a DOG CATCHER

Keith Olbermann really nails this issue and I agree with him 100%. If you found Joe Wilson’s conduct offensive, call Joe’s office and demand that he RESIGN at (202) 225-2452


Repubs head would explode if a Democrat yelled “You Lie” at Trump during a State of the Union address, even though if would be the TRUTH in his case.  Trump averaged one false claim every 2.5 minutes in his 2020 State of the Union address.





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