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Elon Musk: An IDIOT for Changing Twitter to X

Elon Musk is an IDIOT for Changing Twitter to X

Elon Musk’s Twitter Rebrand is Backfiring

In this video I discuss how the rebranding of Twitter to X has caused the app to be blocked in several countries and by different content filters, as well as how Elon Musk’s request to remove the blocking feature from X could result in the app getting delisted from the Apple app store and the Google Play store.


Elon Musk Drives One More Nail Into Twitter’s Coffin

Elon Musk announces temporary limits on the number of posts users can read per day on Twitter, with different restrictions based on account status, to address data scraping and system manipulation issues, following recent crashes and error messages experienced by users on the platform


Elon Musk swiftly changed Twitter’s logo to ‘X’ and the reactions are mixed


Report: Elon Musk’s ‘X’ slowing down traffic to websites he dislikes

X, formerly known as Twitter, is accused of slowing down traffic to websites Elon Musk dislikes. It comes as a judge suggests Musk withheld Trump’s Twitter data to “cozy up” to the former president.


Elon Musk announced over a year ago that he planned to convert Twitter into an everything app, like China’s WeChat, an app to do everything, including online banking and finance. Last April, Musk announced that Twitter, Inc. has been renamed to X Corporation. He created a new artificial intelligence company known as X.AI, and he partnered with eToro for stock and crypto exchange. The media would have you believe that Elon Musk is an independent billionaire genius whose dream is to revolutionize banking. But this story is demonstrably false. The facts tell us that Elon Musk is a frontman for the same old, same old. But because he says there are only two genders, he has gained the trust of a radicalized people in a time of war, without ever having to explain his lies. Musk says he grew up poor, but his family was rich with emeralds and had a history of abuse and witchcraft, telltale signs of multi-generational mind control. Musk received tens of thousands of dollars from his parents to launch his first business a digital phone book known as Zip2. Outside coders were hired to write the entire thing because Elon couldn’t code. Zip2 sold for millions and went nowhere. But Elon made $22 million and with the help of the mainstream media, launched his new persona as a quirky pop star genius. He then acquired X.com and announced he would create an online bank known as X. He partnered with banking experts who all left the company after accusing Elon of lying to the media about the product, which is all he did. Elon Musk is believed to have co-founded PayPal. This is false. In 2000, Musk sold his failing X.com business to Confinity, a company founded in 1998 by Peter Thiel and Max Levkin. All Musk reportedly did there was insist on changing the company’s name to X. He was forced out, but somehow managed to get them to agree in writing to remove all references to founders from the company website. Musk made nearly $200 million off the sale of PayPal, a company that he contributed nothing to and then used that money, along with the illusion of being a successful businessman co-founder to buy his way into Tesla. Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by Mark Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard, who developed the Tesla Roadster. When Tesla accepted millions from Elon, it came with the condition that he be named chairman of the company. Even though he only contributed money, Musk was unable to hide his anger that the media wasn’t giving him credit for Tesla Motors. And after forcing Eberhard out of the company, he rewrote their history to have himself listed as an original co-founder. The obvious fake persona of a billionaire quirky genius has worked so well that few even question SpaceX. The official story is that Elon, who has absolutely no experience with rocket science, came up with the idea for SpaceX while traveling to Russia with the CIA’s Michael Griffin of In-Q-Tel. Shortly after this conversation, Griffin was made administrator of NASA, where he launched the COTS program that privatized NASA’s rocket program and awarded $278 million to SpaceX, who had never made or flown any rockets. Musk then partnered with rocket engineer Tom Mueller, who went on to produce rocket technology that has clearly been developed for years in the private sectors of the military-industrial complex. Elon’s companies have received billions in government subsidies over the last two decades, money that was later spent on the purchase of Twitter, where he immediately began the process of turning it into an everything app with its own banking system. Or rather, the ruling class cabal that pulls his strings is turning Twitter into an everything app with its own banking system. And that should be alarming. But he says there are only two genders, and families are good, and people love a hero.

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