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Tucker Carlson: Psychotic Lunatic Punk who Acts NUTS

Tucker Carlson acts like a Spoiled Brat Psychotic Lunatic Punk in the above video cutting off an ex-cop, abruptly ending the interview when confronted with information which didn’t fit his narrative.

The way he cut this ex-cop off shows what tyrant & asshole Carlson is and how he’s not mentally up to the task of debating his guest like an adult.


Tucker Carlson has DERANGED MELTDOWN on Live TV after Zelenskyy Speech

People who watches Tucker Carlson are STUPID!



Tucker Carlson’s ‘Complete Meltdown’ Night Captured In Bonkers Supercut


Title from Youtube: Tucker Carlson Has TOTAL MELTDOWN On Live TV

Description from Youtube: Fox News host Tucker Carlson completely lost his mind during an interview while he was debating a Congressional candidate on the issue of gun control. He began screaming and shouting and almost threatening the candidate because Tucker couldn’t wrap his head around the facts. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

The above videos are examples why no reputable person with integrity should ever appear on Tucker Carlson’s loony-tunes show because he is a LUNATIC.


‘Racist lunatic’: Twitter lights up over Tucker Carlson’s diabolical laugh

Twitter had a field day with Tucker Carlson’s reaction to Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict in the murder trial of George Floyd. As he was speaking to former New York City corrections official Ed Gavin, Mr Carlson gave off a strange, high-pitched laugh before abruptly ending the interview.


Man confronts Tucker Carlson at Montana store: “You are the worst human being”

Anti-vaxx Fox News opinion commentator host, Tucker Carlson, was caught inside a sporting goods store in Livingston, Montana, and gets confronted. The guy, Dan Bailey, said, “You are the worst human being known to mankind. I want you to know that.” Tucker the realizes he was being filmed and walked away.



Tucker Carlson Grew Up as a Entitled, Spoiled Rich BRAT

“Nothing says “spoiled child” like Tucker Carlson. The son of wealthy Republican William Carlson, a former Los Angeles television anchor who became the head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and a U.S. ambassador, Carlson used his family connections to sail into journalism. Except for a brief moment when he seemed willing to ruffle the powers that be – his first George W. Bush profile for Talk magazine comes to mind – he has done nothing but afflict the afflicted and comfort the comfortable in his career. Examples of his partisan ethics abound, but my favorite was his shrill defense of Scooter Libby in the Valerie Plame case while never acknowledging that his father headed Libby’s defense fund. Wealthy Republican family values at work”.  (Source: salon.com/2012/06/20/when_spoiled_kids_whine)

Description from Youtube; “Tucker Carlson has branded himself as a populist, condemning the “liberal elite” that he argues makes up the American “ruling class.” It’s a good shtick, and it’s helped him stand out from other Fox News hosts. But while Tucker decries the “elite” on his show, he regularly ignores major stories of Republican economic policies that harm the working class, choosing instead to focus on bogus culture war stories.

That isn’t an accident. Carlson’s show is meant to distract Fox News viewers from Republican economics, channeling their frustration and anger at groups that don’t deserve it. That kind of misdirection produces what Marxist theorists call “false consciousness”: when workers are tricked into accepting their own exploitation”.


Avlon calls out Tucker Carlson’s ‘replacement’ theory defense

CNN’s John Avlon looks at Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and his defense of the ‘great replacement’ theory. Where did the racist theory start and what does it have to do with the Capitol riot?


CNN’s Brian Stelter compares Fox News host Tucker Carlson to Trump


Title from Youtube: Tucker Carlson Rants Wildly About Groups Coming to “Take Over Your Country” & “Cancel Your Rights!”

Description from Youtube: Jesse talks about Tucker Carlson’s show last night, during which he discussed the threats (as he sees them) that face us in America. Including groups “who want to take over your country – cancel your rights – eliminate our centuries-long tradition of tolerance.” He then showed (as his first evidence) a clip from Sesame Street characters on CNN.


Tucker Denies White Supremacists Attacked the Capitol

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