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Fraud Charges Prove Trump Exaggerated His Wealth

Judge Ruling of Fraud against the Trump Organization plus investigations by news organizations show Trump exaggerated his wealth and being a self-made billionaire


Jen Psaki recaps former President Trump’s long history of inflating his net worth ahead of his New York civil fraud trial.


New York AG’s office alleges Trump inflated his net worth by $2.2 billion


VIDEO TITLE: ‘Outright Fraud:’ Bombshell NYT Investigation Obliterates Trump’s Self-Made Myth

Video Description from Youtube: NYT’s David Barstow, Daily Beast’s Sam Stein, former DOJ spokesman Matt Miller, NBC’s Heidi Przybyla, WaPo’s Ashley Parker and Jennifer Rubin on the in-depth investigation detailing the alleged Trump family tax schemes.


‘Death blow!’: Cohen says Trump facing ‘biggest fear’ in fraud trial

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen joins Jen Psaki to discuss the start of Trump’s New York civil fraud trial. Cohen, on AG Tish James’ witness list, will attend the opening of the trial. Cohen tells Psaki that the civil fraud trial is a “deathblow to Donald.” He adds, “I can tell you this has always been his biggest fear. That he would lose all of his money and he would no longer be considered the mega-billionare that he tried to portray himself as.”




Judge Rules Trump Organization Committed FRAUD


Scathing ruling finds Trump and Adult Sons Committed Fraud

In an extraordinary and rare move, a New York judge found that Donald Trump committed fraud without even needing a trial and a jury to weigh in on the evidence.


Trump BUSTED By Federal Judge For Years Of Fraud

Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that Donald Trump overvalued his assets by nearly $2.2 billion.


Title from Youtube: “Michael Cohen Documents Raise Questions About Donald Trump Financial Fraud”

Description from Youtube: “Rachel Maddow looks at an example from the Donald Trump financial documents submitted by Michael Cohen as part of his House Oversight Committee testimony, in which Trump appears to adjust the valuation of a piece of real estate to change how he would look to a bank, which would be a crime if that’s the case”.


(Graphic from Rachel Maddow Show)


(Graphic from Rachel Maddow Show)


Trump’s Flagship Property Exposed As A Massive Fraud

New York Attorney General Letitia James has exposed a lot about the Trump Organization’s properties, but no property has suffered as much reputational damage as Trump’s beloved Trump Tower in New York City. And now reporters at Forbes have dug even deeper into the evidence and revealed that the entire property – including the stated value and even the square footage – might be a complete fabrication – Feb 23, 2023


Trump inflated net worth by more than $2 billion in one year: N.Y. AG

Aug 31, 2023 Trump routinely overstated his personal net worth to financial institutions, by as much as $2.2 billion one year, New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office alleged in a filing Wednesday.


New York attorney general sues Trump and his children for fraud

New York Attorney General Letitia James on Wednesday announced that her office is suing former President Donald Trump, The Trump Organization, and three of Trump’s children, for fraud. CBS News congressional correspondent Scott MacFarlane, and CBS News chief election and campaign correspondent Robert Costa dive into the lawsuit on “Red and Blue.”


Description from Youtube: “David Fahrenthold, reporter for the Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about how wild gaps in the way the Trump Organization has presented the value of its real estate assets is receiving close scrutiny by investigators”.


Washington Post Article Claims Trump Reportedly Inflated His Net Worth To Borrow More Money


Jesse talks about the latest news related to investigations into Donald Trump’s criminality surrounding the fraudulent valuation of several of his properties which could very likely lead to criminal prosecution(s)!


New York’s attorney general pursuing a criminal investigation into the Trump organization


Description from Youtube; “The New York Times obtained ten years of Donald Trump’s tax information, beginning in the mid-1980s, and the Times found Trump lost $1.17 billion from 1985 to 1994. Susanne Craig, one of the story’s reporters, joins Morning Joe to discuss”.


Title from Youtube; Trump Lost Millions By Not Divesting From His Business

Description from Youtube; If Donald Trump had divested from his businesses right before taking office, he would be more than $1 billion richer than he is today. Even though he used the federal government to funnel money into his companies, it still didn’t make up for the massive losses that his businesses were taking. But had he sold off his holdings in the beginning, he would have made a ton of money before everything hit rock bottom. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


Above Video Claims Trump’s businesses are collapsing, and it likely explains much of his behavior with regard to coronavirus


NYT Claims President Trump Family Used Tax Schemes To Avoid Paying Millions

Stephanie Ruhle breaks down the incredible report by the New York Times that details how the Trump family used various tax schemes to avoid paying hundreds of millions of dollars. Plus, how President Trump’s father funneled hundreds of millions to Donald in order to save his failing business.


VIDEO TITLE: Tell-All Book Renews Attention On Trump Sister’s Ethics Inquiry

Video Description from Youtube: “Rachel Maddow shares a passage from Mary Trump’s new book, “Too Much and Never Enough,” and reminds viewers of the under-the-radar Trump scandal of his older sister having to give up her lifetime seat on the federal bench in order to avoid a judicial ethics inquiry into a massive multi-million dollar, alleged tax fraud scheme”.


Video Title from Youtube: “The Family Business: Trump and Taxes | Full Documentary”

Video Description from Youtube: “Free Full-Length Documentary short film directed by Emmy nominee Jenny Carchman and produced by Oscar nominees Liz Garbus and Justin Wilkes that follows a team of New York Times investigative reporters as they uncover information that leads to an exclusive breaking news story about President Trump’s financial history”.


Trump Allegedly Bribed New York Officials For Lower Taxes

Description from YouTube; Per the above article; “According to a bombshell new report this week by ProPublica, Donald Trump and his company engaged in a bribery campaign that spanned the 1980’s and 90’s where he allegedly paid off New York officials to secure lower tax rates for his business and properties. He then became apoplectic when he learned that other companies were getting the same tax rates that he was. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains how the scam worked.


Former Prosecutor Reacts To Trump Org. Criminal Investigation News

Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann reacts to the bombshell news that the Trump Organization is now being investigated in a “criminal capacity.”


Michael Cohen On Trump Probe: Everyone In The Company Lied For Donald

“This isn’t about flipping, folks. This is about telling the truth. And the problem is—everybody lied for Donald. It wasn’t just me. It was the entire company,” says Michael Cohen discussing the pressure on Allen Weisselberg and other Trump-Org members amid criminal probe.


Trump grand jury suggests prosecutors found evidence of a crime, experts say

The Washington Post reports that a grand jury has convened to hear evidence against Trump, other executives at his company, or the business itself. Experts say this suggests the prosecutors themselves believe they have found evidence of a crime.


‘Shaking In His Boots’: Former Trump Org Exec Speaks On Grand Jury In Criminal Probe

The Manhattan DA convened a grand jury to hear evidence and weigh charges against former president Donald Trump and the employees of the Trump Organization as part of the criminal probe into the company, according to reporting from the Washington Post. Prosecutors are attempting to pressure the Trump Organization’s CFO Allen Weisselberg into cooperating. Former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res and former U.S. attorney Barbara McQuade join MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss the escalation in the investigation.


Trump’s Tax Returns And The Level Of Data Uncovered

David Fahrenthold, political reporter for the Washington Post discusses the story he broke about the Manhattan district attorney convening a grand jury in its criminal probe into Donald Trump, and speaks to what kind of data and witnesses are likely to be used


Making Sense Of The New Developments In The Battle For Trump’s Financial Records

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance suggested in court filings that his office is investigating Trump’s businesses for possible bank and insurance fraud. Deutsche Bank, which made numerous loans to the Trump Organization and firms linked to Jared Kushner, is also investigating the conduct of the employee who acted as personal banker to both President Donald Trump and Kushner. Here’s what these developments could mean. Aired on 8/3/2020.


Manhattan District Attorney Probes Fraud Demands Taxes from Trump

The New York D.A. is moving quickly to compel Pres. Trump’s secret financial records after winning a blockbuster Supreme Court case, an outcome previewed by former U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal. The seasoned lawyer discusses the escalating criminal probe with MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber.


NYT: Deutsche Bank Complies With Subpoena For Trump’s Financial Records

Andrew Weissmann tells Ali Velshi the revelation from the New York Times that Deutsche Bank complied with a subpoena for Trump’s financial records indicates the investigation by the Manhattan D.A. is “not just about hush money payments.” Tim O’Brien says prosecutors scrutinizing Trump’s documents for possible crimes of bank and insurance fraud or money laundering “is the stuff that could really worry Trump.” Aired on 8/5/2020.

New York Times: Prosecutors subpoenaed Trump’s bank in criminal inquiry | CNN Politics

New York prosecutors subpoenaed President Donald Trump’s primary lender as part of the Manhattan district attorney’s criminal investigation into the President’s business practices, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

Per the above article; “New York prosecutors subpoenaed President Donald Trump’s primary lender as part of the Manhattan district attorney’s criminal investigation into the President’s business practices, The New York Times reported Wednesday.
Four people familiar with the inquiry told the newspaper that Deutsche Bank was subpoenaed last year for financial records that Trump and the Trump Organization provided the bank. The bank complied with the subpoena and provided the Manhattan district attorney’s office with financial statements, records and other materials, two of the people familiar told The Times.
Both Deutsche Bank and the Manhattan DA’s office declined to comment Wednesday.

News of the subpoena comes after prosecutors on Monday signaled that their investigation extends beyond hush-money payments and asked a federal judge to dismiss Trump’s lawsuit challenging a subpoena for his financial records.


Description from YouTube for the above video: “Joe Biden in his infinite dignified personality that he displayed his entire career has not gone after Trump’s family — this despite the fact that Trump and his entourage of compromised grifters have made patently false allegations about Biden’s son. MeidasTouch is not as nice. We have previously made dozens of videos focused on the rampant and unprecedented corruption of the Trump family while Trump was in office. Our newest video, ‘Trump Crime Family’ ties it all together, and makes the strongest case that the Trumps are no different than the mafia families of the past. The ‘Trump Crime Family has violated thousands of laws (Federal and State), engaged in documented domestic and international corruption, and utterly destroyed every ethical principle turning the White House which was once the people’s house into the money laundering Trump trap house”.


Trump ‘Crime Family…Belong in Prison,’ Says ‘Art of the Deal’ Ghostwriter

Tony Schwartz, who co-authored President Donald Trump’s 1987 book, said the U.S. leader, his children Ivanka and Don Jr., and son-in-law Jared Kushner, should be behind bars.

Per the above article; ” The Art of the Deal ghostwriter said President Donald Trump and two of his adult children and a son-in-law all belong in prison. Tony Schwartz co-authored Trump’s notorious book, which was first published in 1987, and is now a vocal critic of the president. “Crime family: Donald, Ivanka, Jared, Donald Jr. They all belong in prison,” Schwartz tweeted on Monday evening.

“If I had to rename The Art of the Deal, I would call it The Sociopath,” Schwartz said on CNN. “Because he has no conscience, he has no guilt. All he wants to do is make the case that he would like to be true. “And while I do think he is probably aware that more walls are closing around him than ever before, he does not experience the world in the way an ordinary human being would.”

Then in June, when the journalist E. Jean Carroll accused Trump of sexual assault in the mid-1990s, adding to a list of women who have made such allegations against the president, Schwartz called him a “serial felon.”

“A 16th woman yesterday accused Donald Trump of sexual assault—in this case rape, with very specific details,” tweeted Schwartz.

“In what sane & decent world can this man continue as president of the United States?” continued Schwartz’s tweet, adding that he believed Trump should be put on trial for repeated “violent criminal behavior.”


Title from YouTube: “Donald Trump’s business links to the mob – BBC Newsnight”

Description from YouTube: “Donald Trump now looks like the front-runner to be the Republican candidate for the US presidency. One of his big appeals is his business success – and his claim that his wealth means he can’t be bought and sold. But there’s evidence which not only casts doubt on Trump’s wealth claims – but also reveals his history of business relationships with figures connected to organised crime. John Sweeney reports”.


Description from YouTube: “Trump’s real-estate developments in Atlantic City and New York led him to deal with members of organized crime and people like the late Robert LiButti, a racehorse trader and gambler. WSJ’s Michael Rothfeld joins Lunch Break to discuss”


Description from YouTube: “Donald Trump used to do business with mobsters. A recent Politico story details a young Trump’s involvement with former New York crime bosses Paul Castellano and Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down”


Title from YouTube: “Trump’s alleged mob ties”

Description from YouTube: “Donald Trump’s possible links with organized crime have been under scrutiny for many years. Joy Reid and her panel discusses the alleged connections”


What Prosecutors May Find In Trump’s Taxes Amidst His Loss At The Supreme Court

Many have speculated what Donald Trump’s tax returns may reveal — and now the New York D.A. is likely to find out. The Supreme Court ruled Trump has no “immunity” to hide the returns. Award winning investigative journalist David Cay Johnson, who obtained some of Trump’s records, explains what the returns may hold – and offers clues from the new Supreme Court decisions about a separate Congressional case that could ultimately make the returns public. Aired on 7/9/2020.


Video Description from Youtube: Author of Trump Nation Tim O’Brien was sued by Trump for liable for claiming in his book that Trump is not a billionaire. Mr. O’Brien stood his ground and the suit was dismissed in 2009. Trump appealed and in 2011 an appellate court affirmed the earlier ruling.

“There’s no evidence Trump is a billionaire”

During her first 2016 election presidential debate with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton raised Donald Trump’s record as a businessman : “If your main claim, to be president of the United States, is your business, then I think we should talk about that.” …


NOTICE: The above videos & articles do not represent the opinion of the owner of this site. They are being posted for informational purposes only


Title from YouTube: “Panama Tower That Has President Trump’s Name Is Tied To Organized Crime”

Description from YouTube: “An NBC News investigation found that President Trump profited from licensing his name to a hotel and condo complex with ties to money launderers and drug cartels”.


Title from YouTube: “The Trump-Russia Ties Hiding In Plain Sight”

Description from YouTube: “Trump’s in-plain-sight embrace of Russia gets obscured by the Trump news avalanche. But long before running for president, Trump relied on Russian money. Trump also consistently defends Russia and attacks U.S. officials investigating Russia”.


The Real-Life Mob Families of ‘The Irishman’? Donald Trump Knew Them

Trump and his associates – including Roger Stone – have long histories with the mafia figures who populate Scorsese’s film.





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