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Tommy Tuberville Piece of Shit for Blocking Military Promotions

REPUBLICAN Tommy Tuberville is an unpatriotic Piece of Shit for Blocking Military Promotions. He’s also unqualified to hold a Senate Seat representing Alabama due to living in Florida and should be removed from office.


Tuberville’s military blockade


Why Tommy Tuberville is “America’s dumbest Senator”

Steve Schmidt breaks down Tommy Tuberville’s comments on CNN where he refused to call white nationalists racists. Steve breaks down how the former Auburn football coach is an embarrassment to the state of Alabama and is holding the US marine Corps hostage by refusing to advance military promotions.


The depths of ignorance’: Tuberville wrongly assumes Milley can stay past retirement date

Former U.S. Senate candidate Amy McGrath and MSNBC Military Analyst Barry McCaffrey join Nicolle Wallace to discuss how Senator Tommy Tuberville calls to Democrats to clean up the national security mess that he created, single-handedly blocking hundreds of U.S. military promotions and confirmations, in protest of the Pentagon’s policy that simply gives military families the same access to reproductive health care in this country that they would have anywhere in the world


GOP extremists lead party toward political disaster

Between Kevin McCarthy’s failure to rein in House Republicans on a mission to help Trump with a politically ill-advised hollow impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, and Mitch McConnell’s failure to pull Tommy Tuberville out of his long-running, anti-abortion political stunt that is doing increasing damage to U.S. military readiness, Republicans in Congress appear poised to win their own echo chamber at the cost of losing the American public


Regressive Retarded House Republicans voted to overturn a Pentagon policy that allows reimbursement of travel costs for service members seeking abortions. This comes as Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., has been holding up hundreds of military promotions.


Jen Psaki on Senator Tuberville: ‘Only person politicizing the military is him’


‘Embarrassing’: Ex-Alabama Senator rips Tuberville’s white nationalist remarks

Former Alabama Senator Doug Jones on Sen. Tommy Tuberville trying to walk back his comments on white nationalists: “I think he’s bending to some pressure. It’s clear that he really didn’t believe it or want to say it—he was begrudgingly trying to clarify for his colleagues sake, not his.”


GOP Senator SHREDDED by Navy Veteran for COMPLETE BETRAYAL of America

Against All Enemies is a YouTube/podcast series and upcoming documentary film about threats to American democracy. In today’s episode, co-host Ken Harbaugh dismantles Senator Tommy Tuberville’s defense of white nationalists serving in the US military.


Warren rips Tuberville holding U.S. military hostage with anti-abortion agenda

Senator Elizabeth Warren talks with Alex Wagner about her criticism of Senator Tommy Tuberville who is expressing his upset over the U.S. military providing reproductive care to service members, including abortion services, by holding up 184 military promotions that require Senate approval and compromising U.S. military readiness.


Tuberville’s hold leaves Marines leaderless for first time in 164 years


Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville ACTUALLY LIVES FULL-TIME IN FLORIDA!

Jesse talks about the latest bombshell reporting regarding documents that prove Tommy Tuberville doesn’t live in Alabama and instead calls Florida his full-time home!


Tommy Tuberville May Be Serving In The Senate ILLEGALLY

Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville from Alabama is now facing allegations that he’s actually just a “carpetbagger” due to the fact that records show he owns multiple properties in Florida. In fact, in 2017 he admitted on social media that he was moving permanently to Florida, and his current address is listed at a Florida residence. If that is his LEGAL residence, he would be disqualified from serving as a Senator from Alabama, as Farron Cousins explains.






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