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Firing Staffers Won’t Help DeSantis FAILING Presidential Campaign

Firing Staffers won’t help DeSantis failing Presidential Campaign because he’s a unlikable, mean spirited asshole with a Napoleonic complex, who’s passed the most OPPRESSIVE, Anti-Democratc, Fascist laws in the United States.

Per an article at nbcnews.com/politics/2024-election/ron-desantis-fires-roughly-dozen-staffers-campaign-shake-rcna94470: “The Florida governor has struggled to break into Trump’s lead and his campaign has been burning through money“.

“DeSantis’ presidential campaign has fired roughly a dozen staffers — and more are expected in the coming weeks as he shakes up his big-money political operations after less than two months on the campaign trail. Those who were let go were described to NBC News by a source familiar as mid-level staffers across several departments whose departures were related to cutting costs. The exits come after the departures of David Abrams and Tucker Obenshain, veterans of DeSantis’ political orbit, which were first reported by Politico. Sources involved with the DeSantis campaign say there is an internal assessment among some that they hired too many staffers too early, and despite bringing in $20 million during its first six weeks, it was becoming clear their costs needed to be brought down”.


An ornery, unlikeable character’: The incredible shrinking campaign of Ron DeSantis

Democratic strategist Basil Smikle, state attorney for Palm Beach County Florida Dave Aronberg and host of the podcast “On Brand,” Donny Deutsch join Nicolle Wallace to discuss Republican candidate Ron DeSantis’s fledging campaign as he slides further and further down the polls.


Steve Schmidt explains why Ron DeSantis’ campaign is completely collapsing

Steve Schmidt reacts to the Bloomberg article breaking down the complete collapse of Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign. Steve explains that Ron’s campaign is beyond saving and he has no chance of taking down Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination for president.


GOOD! Can’t think of a bigger ASSHOLE (other than Trump) who deserves it more!



DeSantis flawed and failed bid for the presidency. It was over before it even began.


August 25, 2023 UPDATE: Support For DeSantis Has Fallen 11 Points Since He Rebooted His Campaign

DeSantis has somehow managed to become even more unlikable since he rebooted his presidential campaign. A new poll released before this week’s debate showed the governor LOSING 11 points since he rebooted the campaign, a sign that whatever he is doing now is actually worse than what he is doing before. And this week’s debate performance isn’t going to help those numbers at all.


Steve Schmidt explains why Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign is beyond saving and will be not be able to recover from recent reports of staff layoffs and poor polls. Steve also discusses how Ron’s wife Casey has proved to be more of a liability than an asset in his 2024 campaign.


Bombshell DeSantis move signals death knell for campaign

The “woke” campaign from Gov. Ron DeSantis is in free fall. He’s getting trounced by Donald Trump and now he just fired 38 staffers, including a speechwriter who posted fascist imagery on social media. In this video, MSNBC’s Brian Tyler Cohen breaks down DeSantis’ far-right policy blunders and reveals why the candidate is to blame because the “fish rots from the head.”


Ron DeSantis’ presidential run is already over

Steve Schmidt breaks down the plummet in Ron DeSantis’ poll numbers and why his 2024 presidential run has already collapsed. Steve questions DeSantis’ qualifications for President of the United States, his team’s flawed strategy to undermine Trump and his inability to connect with voters.


DeSantis campaign fires more staff amid restructuring

DeSantis’ presidential campaign is cutting even more staff in hopes that a restructuring can right his struggling primary bid.



Brendan Buck, former Paul Ryan advisor, says of Ron DeSantis. “Charmless is putting it nicely with this person. It shows up when he’s meeting with donors and it shows up when he’s on the campaign trail.”


‘They hate him like poison privately’: Pollster on certain DeSantis campaign committee GOP insiders

Florida faces numerous crises as its governor, Ron DeSantis, runs for president. State colleges have a high number of faculty openings. DeSantis’ immigration law is driving away large numbers of vital migrant workers. Plus, Florida is facing a spike in cases of leprosy.


DeSantis Bizarre campaign spiraling out of control


If DeSantis really thinks he has a chance at being elected President of the United States, with all of his Radical Right Wing Policies, which are out of step with the majority of American’s values, then he’s STUPIDER than he LOOKS and ACTS.

He may have attended Harvard, but he acts like a MORON and Religious Nutcase.


Ron DeSantis the ‘Florida Fascist’


DeSantis proved he’s Mean-Spirited Bully Asshole when he berated Students for wearing masks









‘Disastrous’: Ron DeSantis at risk of becoming the Ted Cruz of 2024

In 2016, Sen. Ted Cruz tried to run for president on his record as an extreme conservative jerk—and it looks like Ron DeSantis is using the same playbook ahead of 2024


‘Kind of a dead frog’: Campaign trail showcases DeSantis shortcomings

Former Senator Claire McCaskill, talks with Alex Wagner about how Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appears to be trying to make up for his lack of personality with extra amounts of cruelty in his platform to defeat Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, and is failing overall to make a good impression with voters.


The better Republicans get to know DeSantis, the less they like him








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