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McCarthy & Republicans Responsible for No Speaker of the House

McCarthy & Republicans have been trying to blame democrats for McCarthy being removed and for No Speaker of the House when it’s HE and REPUBLICANS FAULT. Just another example of what LYING pieces of SHIT Republicans are.

Steve Schmidt exposes Republican lies blaming Democrats for their dysfunction

Steve Schmidt reacts to Rep. Adam Scott’s CNN interview and other instances of Republicans lying to blame Democrats for their own incompetence. Steve explains that MAGA gaslighting doesn’t change the fact that Republicans are solely responsible for the ouster of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House, their inability to select a new speaker, and the overall dysfunction in the House of Representatives.


Fed-up Fox News reporter FACT-CHECKS McCarthy after he tries to blame Democrats for speaker CHAOS


Democrats watched tape of McCarthy bashing them ahead of motion to vacate vote

McCarthy only has himself to blame for getting no support from Democrats by trashing them with lies and falsely trying to blame them for nearly shutting down the government when it was 100% Republicans fault. In the top video on this page, Steve Schmidt states a list of reasons why McCarthy was unfit to be Speaker in the first place.


Katherine Clark Destroys The ENTIRE Republican Party


GOP lawmaker who voted to oust McCarthy defends negotiating with Democrats


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