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Marco Rubio: LIAR, Career Politician & Trump ASS Kisser

Marco Rubio is a liar, Trump ASS kisser, a career politician who’s never held a REAL job and Republican who does NOTHING for average Joe Floridians. Anyone who votes for Rubio is STUPID


Being ‘tough on crime’ and ‘backing the blue’ means fighting against criminals like Donald Trump and the January 6th rioters he incited — something Marco is not willing to do.  Val Demings fights criminals. Marco Rubio defends them.


Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Sucks for being a typical Republican who wants to cut Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. Rubio proved what a lawless POS he is by supporting, Trump, the most lawless, criminal president in history.


Marco Rubio Makes It Clear: Republicans Will Cut Social Security And Medicare After Tax Cuts Pass

In an interview with Politico this past week, Republican Senator Marco Rubio made it painfully clear that his Party intends to cut Social Security and Medicare funding in the months to come, after they end up passing their corporate tax cuts, of course. The goal of the Republican Party is perfectly clear: They want to give everything they can to corporations while taking everything away from the rest of us.



Val Demings Is Dream Candidate For The Democrats’ Florida Pollster Says

A new NBC News poll shows that the threat to democracy is now the number-one issue for Americans heading into the primaries, while the road to saving democracy runs right through the contentious state of Florida, where voters go to the polls on Tuesday. Our expert guests review the state of Florida politics, where Rep. Val Demings is beating Sen. Marco Rubio in many metrics in their race for the incumbent’s U.S. Senate seat.


Sen. Rubio Put Politics Over People, Says Dem Running To Unseat Him

Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., has won the Florida Democratic nomination for Senate, and she joins Morning Joe to discuss her win and taking on incumbent Sen. Marco Rubio in November.


FL State Senator On Rubio’s ‘Desperation Cry’ For Cash


In 2016, Rubio Had Sharp Words For Clinton’s Server, But Now Downplays Trump’s Documents

DUMB-ASS HYPOCRITE Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is downplaying the documents Trump had at Mar-a-Lago, calling it a ‘storage issue.’ Yet in 2016, Sen. Rubio said of Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information that there was ‘simply no excuse’ for Clinton’s ‘home-cooked email system which left sensitive and classified national security information vulnerable to theft and exploitation by America’s enemies.’ Joe Scarborough shares his thoughts on the issue.


Marco Rubio falls in line with other Republicans who LIED about “87,000 IRS Agents Coming for You”


Republicans LIE about “87,000 IRS Agents Coming for You”

Desperate that they are LOSING in the polls because their repressive policies are so unpopular (such as anti-abortion laws forcing 10 year old girls to give birth to her rapists child), Republicans invent a NEW conspiracy claiming; “Democrats’ new army of 87,000 IRS agents will be coming for you”, “The “IRS is “Joe Biden’s new army” that will “hunt down and kill middle class that don’t pay enough” and Senator Chuck Grassley; “Are they coming for taxpayers with loaded AR-15’s?”.


‘You’ve done absolutely nothing for me or my family’: See this woman’s message to Rubio

Alexandra Forseth, a relative of two Americans freed this weekend in a prisoner swap with Venezuela, called Sen. Marco Rubio’s criticism of the exchange “unpatriotic and unhelpful.” Sen. Rubio told CNN the exchange was a “win for Maduro” and put “all Americans in the world in danger.”


Marco Rubio Again Proves He’s The Dumbest Senator In America

Republican Senator Marco Rubio is the latest Republican to jump on the “Pentagon has gone woke” bandwagon, and, as usual, his comments are somehow even dumber than the rest of his party’s. Rubio claims that China is conducting military exercises right now because our military is more focused on transgender rights and pronouns than anything else – a claim that couldn’t be more false if he tried.


Marco Rubio Hammered By Opponent For Repeatedly Skipping Work

Republican Senator Marco Rubio is facing stiff competition for his senate seat in next year’s midterm elections, and his opponent is beating him up for being an absentee senator. This has actually been a major attack against Rubio for over half a decade, and it significantly hurt him during his presidential bid in 2016. But he’s skipped 14 hearings in the past few months, and he’s going to have to answer for that, as Farron Cousins explains.



Marco Rubio Slammed After Saying He Paid Off Student Loans by Writing Book

The Republican senator said Saturday that he thinks “the student loan thing in America is a big problem,” and that it “needs to be fixed.”

Marco Rubio says Win a Senate Race and Write a book to pay off Student Loan Debt!

Per the above article: “Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican, faced criticism online after saying on Saturday that he paid off his student loan debt from the money he gained by writing a book.

“I owed over $100,000 in student loans. The day I got elected to the Senate, I had over $100,000 still in student loans that I was able to pay off because I wrote a book and from that money, I was able to pay it,” the senator said during an interview on Fox News’ One Nation With Brian Kilmeade.

In a reaction to his comments, Democratic Florida House Representative Anna V. Eskamani said on Twitter: “Interesting how Rubio forgets to mention using $20,000 from his political committee to hire a ghost writer for his memoir, which was potentially an ethics violation.”

Eskamani was referring to the ghostwriter who was reportedly hired to help write Rubio’s memoir, An American Son in 2012. Rubio’s Reclaim America Political Action Committee (PAC) paid $20,000 to his ghostwriter, political strategist Mark Salter, to help write the book, Melville House Publishing reported in 2015. Conservative imprint Sentinel reportedly paid an advance of $800,000.

“Rubio’s book was written by a guy paid by his political donors and it was probably an ethics violation. just do that, kids, and you’ll be fine,” producer Jordan Zakarin wrote, referring to some media reports that mentioned that Salter said that he was paid for “projects unrelated to the book.” However, the Tampa Bay Times reported in 2013 that he was paid “for help writing a memoir.”


Sen. Marco Rubio Claims Trump Was a Peaceful President. Latest example of what a delusional idiot Marco Rubio is.



Rubio proved what a lawless, disgusting POS he is by voicing his support for a Pro-Trump Caravan that swarmed a Biden campaign Bus and crashed into a vehicle with Biden staffers, stating: ‘We Love What They Did’!

Like most Republican politicians, Marco Rubio is human garbage and scum of the earth.



Marcio Rubio is one of 8 Republicans who’s putting people’s lives at risk by being against a No-Fly List of Unruly, Disruptive Airline Passengers


Sens. Ron Johnson, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are going to Mar-A-Lago this weekend to kiss Donald Trump’s ASS.


Marco Rubio steadfastly supported Trump, who incited insurrection and Treason. Rubio was one of the COWARDS Republicans who refused to vote to remove Trump from office during the first impeachment, who Violated his Oath of Office numerous ways, including Obstructing Justice, Abuse of Power, Blocking Congressional Oversight, Dirt on an opponent for Foreign Aid, Emoluments Clause Violations and more…



Senators ignoring impeachment trial is outrageous | Letters

Senators ignoring impeachment trial is outrageous Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio were both spotted not watching the video presented by the House prosecutors, key evidence during Donald Trump&#821…

Senators ignoring impeachment trial is outrageous

“Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio were both spotted not watching the video presented by the House prosecutors, key evidence during Donald Trump’s impeachment trial on Tuesday (”Senate agrees to hear case,” Feb. 10).

As a constituent, this enrages me. It is unprofessional and presents Floridians as arrogant, flagrantly partisan, backwater hicks who don’t understand the gravity of this trial and their serious duty”.

IMO, Rick Scott and Marco Rubio are BOTH disgusting pieces of SHIT, unfit to be DOG CATCHERS. The only reason they are in office is because the of DUMB-ASS, STUPID people who voted for them.




Rubio Says He Hasn’t Paid Attention to Any Impeachment Hearings

“I don’t even watch it,” Rubio said of the impeachment hearings.

Rubio Says He Hasn’t Paid Attention to Any Impeachment Hearings proving he’s a LAWLESS piece of shit who doesn’t care about Trump’s LAWLESS behavior or the fact that 5 Americans DIED on account of TRUMPS LIES about the 2020 election. His and other REPUBLICANS failure to remove Trump in 2019 is why the 2021 Capital Riots occurred. The deaths that occurred on January 6, 2021 is on their hands.


Marco Rubio Again Blasted For Being A Complete Idiot

Republican Senator Marco Rubio got roasted on social media after making an idiotic statement about Marjorie Taylor Greene (where he was too cowardly to even say her name.) Rubio said that the media was exaggerating the situation, but the truth is that the media isn’t giving enough attention to the issue and the insanity from this member of Congress.


Title from YouTube; “Marco Rubio Sucks Up To Trump By Saying Impeachment Is Stupid”

Description from YouTube; “Republican Senator Marco Rubio said recently that impeachment is stupid, and that we already have enough problems in this country to deal with without it. What’s really happening is that Rubio is terrified that he going to be primaried, possibly by someone from the Trump family, and he desperately wants to continue to throw his lot in with Trump so that he can stave off his inevitable political demise”.


The above videos show what a feckless coward and hypocrite Marco Rubio is. When Rubio was running for president, he said what he really thought about Trump. After Trump became president, Rubio kissed Trump’s ass throughout his presidency and after, voting not to hold Trump accountable for insurrection, inciting a Riot and attempting to overturn the 2020 election by a coup d’etat.



As shown, Republican congressmen such as Marco Rubio are bought & paid for by the NRA.

The reason Republicans are responsible for mass shootings and deaths since 2004 is because under George W. Bush as President, they let the Assault Weapons Ban expire in 2004 and have refused since then to allow it to be renewed.

Under the 1994 Clinton Administration Assault Weapons Ban, the maximum capacity of a magazine was set at 10 rounds. AR-15s were one of 18 semiautomatic weapons banned under the 1994 law that expired in 2004 despite broad public support and a drop in gun fatalities.

Since then, killers have used semiautomatics to target victims en masse at Virginia Tech in 2007; the Fort Hood military base in 2009; the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado in 2012; a Sikh temple in Wisconsin in 2012; Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT in 2012, the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando in 2016, the 2017 Las Vegas shooting which left 58 people dead and most recently the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida in which 17 students died.

Since Republicans have consistently refused to make assault weapons illegal, THEY are responsible for ALL mass shootings in the United States in which assault weapons were used.


Mass shootings in the US: A timeline

Here’s a timeline of the other tragic, deadly mass killings in the United States from Pulse to the University of Texas clock tower massacre


Florida school shooting: Details emerge in timeline, what we know about suspect




Florida student to NRA and Trump: ‘We call BS’

Emma Gonzalez, a student at the Parkland, Florida high school where 17 people were left dead after a mass shooting, calls out President Trump and the NRA by name at an anti-gun rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Here’s some of Marco Rubio’s Positions on Issues & his Voting Record…

  • Missed 74 of 156 votes in Congress
  • Supports cuts to college financial aid
  • Supports cuts to food stamps
  • Opposes raising the minimum wage
  • Voted to block unemployment benefits
  • Is for increasing military spending
  • Opposed ending the failed embargo that destroyed the Cuban Economy and led to widespread poverty
  • Supports repealing the Affordable Care Act
  • Is against same-sex marriage
  • Opposes relaxing marijuana laws
  • Supported the Benghazi (witch hunt) Committee yet don’t want to close Gitmo
  • Supports using the Federal Government to crack down on states like Colorado and Washington that have legalized pot
  • Voted against a bill that would have expanded background checks for gun buyers, and he opposed a measure that would restrict the size of ammunition magazines for assault rifles
  • Sponsored a bill that would undo the District of Columbia’s gun regulations
  • Rubio has aligned himself with his party’s hawks, calling for a more muscular American approach to foreign entanglements
  • Supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a massive free trade agreement
  • Supports shutting down the Government unless the Affordable Care Act is completely De-funded – Click here to read article
  • One of the 47 Traitors who signed the letter to Iran
  • Denies the science of Climate Change & Global Warming

Rubio Voted Against the Disclose Act in lockstep with other Republicans.

The Disclose Act would have disclosed who’s paying for donations of over $10,000 and exposed Millionaires and Billionaires who’s trying to BUY and influence our Government.

When Millionaires and Billionaires run attack ads and make HUGE donations, you can be sure they want a return on their investment which is often in conflict with regular Americans.

Republicans have shown they can be sold to the highest bidder and don’t give a dam about the Middle class and the Poor. They only care about the 1% RICH

Republicans want Government “of the RICH, for the RICH and by the RICH” and must be stopped or there will be no more Democracy in the United States.

The only way we can have Government “of the people, for the people and by the people” is if we pass Election Reform bills like the Disclose Act.


Does / says what ever it takes to keep getting re-elected because he’s a “do nothing” politician who’s never had a real job – Washington Post article


Rubio Supports Cuts to College Financial Aid even though he used government college financial aid himself


Rubio thinks we need to cut Medicaid and Medicare and continue spending more on military spending than all of the rest of the countries in the world.

Rubio calls cuts in military spending “Devastating”. The United States currently spends more than Russia, China, the UK and 11 more countries COMBINED.

We have spent Trillions of Dollars on wars and the military… it’s one of the reasons why we have such a large debt. We need to cut military spending but Rubio doesn’t agree.


President Obama stands up for the middle class and poor, but Rubio dissed him at every opportunity.


Marco Rubio has the Worst Voting Record of anyone in the United States Senate. He has not been doing the job he’s paid by taxpayers to do so. He should be fired from his Senate job.


Marco Rubio should resign, not rip us off

If Sen. Marco Rubio hates his job, he should follow the honorable lead of House Speaker John Boehner and resign it. Let us elect someone who wants to be there and earn an honest dollar for an honest day’s work. Our senator, who has missed more votes than


Why Marco Rubio Sucks


Marco Rubio Proves he’s a WIMP in the above video

Rubio should have told BULLY Alex Jones something like this; “I’ll give you 5 seconds to get FUCK out of my face you fat, ugly, disgusting piece of shit or I’ll beat the FUCK out of your ass!”




Marco Rubio’s Personal Finances Don’t Match His Rhetoric

Marco Rubio’s Personal Finances Don’t Match His Rhetoric




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