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Kevin McCarthy Sucks for Being a Partisan Hack & Trump Ass Kisser

Kevin McCarthy Sucks for being a Partisan Hack and Trump Ass Kisser who has consistently put his own political career & party above our country. He’s been a Trump ass kisser who failed to vote to impeach Trump twice for Abuse of Power and then Insurrection, voted to overturn the 2020 election and make Trump an UN-elected Dictator, failed to hold Marjorie Taylor Greene accountable for her outrageous conduct, the Benghazi Witch Hunt & other issues.


The New McCarthyism

When Trump needed a stooge, Kevin played the part perfectly. When Trump lied about the election, Kevin followed his lead. When white nationalists, anti-vaxxers, and conspiracy theorists in his caucus need protecting, Kevin’s right there to give them cover.


Kevin McCarthy Chose Ambition Over Honesty On January 6th: Fanone

Michael Fanone, former D.C. police officer and author of the newly released book, “Hold the Line,” talks with Alex Wagner about how quickly Republican leadership, and Kevin McCarthy in particular changed their perspective on January 6th when they felt the political mood changing in the Republican base.


‘Trump’s not eating’: Cheney shares chat with McCarthy about Trump’s 2020 loss


Kevin McCarthy can be heard in this recording stating that Trump is to blame for the Jan 6th Insurrection. Days later he changes his tune after calculating that he needs Trump to become Speaker of the House, so he goes to Mar a Lago to kiss Trump’s ass, pretending it’s because ‘Trump’s not eating’.



POWER (not serving the people) is ALL that matters to this TRAITOR who sold his SOUL to Trump



Why did Kevin McCarthy drop being considered for Speaker in 2015?



Jesse talks about the SECRET VOTE held by Republicans to NOT hold Marjorie Taylor Greene responsible for her words and actions. They are forcing Democrats to do their work for them. Kevin McCarthy EMBARRASSED himself at last night’s press conference when he faked as though he didn’t know what QAnon is or even how to pronounce it.


Here’s how former Pres. Trump incited insurrection, step by step


Trump & Republicans incited violence, chaos and rioting in Washington, DC. Rioters stormed the House & Senate chambers, wrecking havoc, destruction and deaths. Yet McCarthy voted to do nothing about Trump’s Insurrection, attempted Coup and Incitement of Violence to overturn the 2020 Election and make himself an UN-elected dictator.


House Minority Leader McCarthy Backs Texas Lawsuit To Overturn Election

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is now one of 126 House Republicans who have signed on to back Texas’ lawsuit attempting to overturn the results of the presidential election.


Yes, there was a Quid Pro Quo. Trump clearly violated his oath of office and engaged in abuse of power yet McCarthy refused to vote to impeach Trump, proving how corrupt & lawless McCarthy himself is.


Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains why Congress should have impeached Trump.


How Trump Got Caught Red Handed by the Impeachment Inquiry


Trump is worst, the most lawless & corrupt President history, yet Kevin McCarthy has kissed his ass throughout his corrupt administration. McCarthy refused to vote to impeach Trump twice, proving how corrupt & lawless McCarthy himself is.


John King reacts to McCarthy and Trump meeting: This tells you everything you need to know about the GOP


McCarthy’s controversial comment claimed Trump was paid by Putin


Washington Post: “The 2016 conversation Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan wanted to keep private”



For years, Republicans made accusations about President Obama and Hillary Clinton being responsible for four (4) Americans deaths in Benghazi at a US Embassy.

60 Americans died when George W. Bush was President. There were no endless investigations by Republicans into those deaths… proving the endless Benghazi investigations were politically motivated.



Republican Kevin McCarthy admitted what Democrats knew all along… that the House Benghazi Investigations was all about taking down Hillary Clinton




Republicans SHAMELESSLY exploited the deaths of 4 Americans for their own political gain. The numerous Benghazi investigations by Republicans which cost taxpayers millions was motivated by Politics, Hate for President Obama and to “Get” Hillary Clinton.


Politicization of Benghazi


Benghazi Hoax Debunked

It is clear that Lindsey Graham and other Republicans constant comments about President Obama being responsible for Benghazi was motivated by partisan hate for President Obama and to “Get” Hillary Clinton.


The above video exposes how GRAHAM BLOCKED EVERY SINGLE Judicial nominee of Obama’s because of Republican’s Bogus Partisan Benghazi Witch Hunt.

Lindsey Graham’s obstruction of President Obama’s nominees is why Harry Reid had no choice but to invoke the “nuclear option” to stop Graham’s and Republicans filibustering Judicial nominee’s of Obama’s. Harry Reid was a WIMP for not getting rid of the filibuster a lot sooner.


PFAW Chart showing unprecedented obstruction of President Obama’s Judicial nominees versus other Presidents Judicial nominees. Just another example of what dirty rotten bastards Republicans are.



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