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Biden Firing Unfit, Incompetent Corrupt Trump Appointees

Dozens of Trump appointees ‘BURROW’ into Biden government

“Roughly two dozen Trump administration appointees remain in civil service jobs or on government advisory boards roughly two months into the Biden administration, according to a new report from a government watchdog group obtained by The Hill.

Accountable.US, a left-leaning watchdog, found that at least 24 Trump appointees have “burrowed” into civil service jobs. The appointments mean that Trump-era officials will remain in those posts for the foreseeable future.

The report cited four individuals who are believed to have burrowed into national security roles, nine who have taken up roles in environmental regulation and three officials at the Department of Justice. The allegations mirror those made frequently during the Trump administration about a so-called deep state of career officials who were obstructing the former president’s agenda”.

IMO, everyone who Trump hired is incompetent pieces of shit so I’m looking forward to, and will be celebrating the dismissal of each and every one of them, and will post their firings on this page.



Sean Spicer Gets Smacked Down By Federal Judge After Suing Biden

A federal judge has slapped down the request for an injunction by Sean Spicer and another former Trump administration official who are suing to overturn President Biden’s decision to fire them from the board of the U.S. Naval Academy a few months ago. The judge would not let the injunction goes through even as the lawsuit proceeds. There isn’t much of a legal case to be made of this, nor is it an issue anyone should actually care about, but Spicer’s feelings got hurt so he decided to sue.


Biden’s EPA Is Purging Trump’s Anti Science Appointees

President Biden’s new EPA director has set to task purging the science advisory panels of his agency of the anti-science, pro-corporate appointees put in place by Donald Trump. Trump intentionally removed actual scientists from these panels and replaced them with unqualified, Trump Worshiping cronies.


Joe Biden fired four of Trump’s authoritarian fascist enabling corrupt appointees, one of which fired the entire staff at the Voice of America & replaced with Trump Loyalists, to turn the VOA into a Trump Propaganda Broadcasting Network.


With the firing of the entire staff at the Voice of America and replacing with a Trump Loyalist as CEO, some fear Trump plans to use it as a state-run Propaganda Network. This appears to be yet another move by Trump to take over the United States Government and turn it into a Dictatorship.

New York (CNN Business)Two top officials at Voice of America resigned on Monday as an appointee of President Trump prepares to take control of the international network and other US federally-funded media operations. The resignations were long in the making.

The Trump administration had been trying to get its nominee, Michael Pack, through the Senate confirmation process for two years.

Earlier this month, after Trump applied additional pressure, the Republican-controlled Senate voted Pack through, adding to a sense of apprehension at Voice of America, VOA for short, about what comes next.

Some journalists at VOA fear that Pack — best known for making films with a conservative bent — will interfere with the organization’s independent newsroom and turn it into a pro-Trump messaging machine.


Rachel Maddow reports on Donald Trump’s stripping the leadership from the U.S. Agency for Global Media and replacing it with Michael Pack, who cites Steve Bannon as his mentor, and a new set of board members and officials loyal to Trump. Aired on 6/19/2020.


Voice of America CEO Accused Of Fraud, Misuse Of Office All In One Week

Updated at 7:35 p.m. ET Fresh crises and fresh challenges confront the Trump-appointed CEO of the parent of Voice of America, even with less than two weeks left of the Trump presidency. To start, the Attorney General of the District of Columbia this week accused U.S.


Biden Asks All But Two US Attorney’s to Resign

As The Washington Post and other news outlets are reporting, President Biden will be asking for the resignation of all Trump-appointed US Attorneys, with two exceptions.


Pentagon halts Trump appointments to advisory boards

The effort is aimed at scrubbing the members of the advisory boards “to determine if appointments were politically motivated vice professionally made,” said one of the people. The freeze announced on Wednesday pertains only to appointees who have not yet been sworn in or have completed all the required paperwork, the people said.

The Pentagon has suspended the processing of a number of former President Donald Trump’s last-minute appointees to defense advisory boards as the new administration looks to weed out loyalists to the former president.

The move effectively prevents a number of Trump allies, including his 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and deputy campaign manager David Bossie, from actually serving on panels tasked with providing advice to the defense secretary, at least for the time being.



“President Biden on Friday fired Social Security Commissioner Andrew Saul, a holdover from President Donald Trump who regularly drew criticism from Democrats, unions and social welfare advocates.


Biden FIRED Trump’s Disastrous Social Security Commissioner, Andrew Saul who wanted to Cut & Privatize Social Security.



Biden Surprises With USPS Board Shake-Up; Key DeJoy Allies To Be Replaced

Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi talks with Rachel Maddow about the unexpected announcement that President Joe Biden intends to nominate two new members of the U.S. Postal Service board, removing key allies of Trump postmaster general Louis DeJoy, and likely setting the stage for his replacement.






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