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Boycott Goya Foods for CEO Supporting Trump

Goya Foods should be boycotted and CEO Bob Unanue should be FIRED for praising Trump (the worst, most lawless president & biggest liar in history), then parroting his LIES that the Election was Stolen and Trump is the Legitimate President.

IMO, CEO Bob Unanue has proved he’s unfit to hold a position in management by supporting the WORST & most LAWLESS excuse of a president in history, and parroting his LIES that the Election was Rigged & Stolen.


Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see that TRUMP IS NUTS & a LUNATIC!


boycott goya foods


Goya Foods CEO falsely says election was illegitimate, Trump is ‘the real, the legitimate, and the still actual president’ | CNN Politics

The chief executive officer of Goya Foods, Robert Unanue, made a series of false claims about the 2020 election at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Sunday – a little more than a month after the company board took action to limit his polarizing public political remarks.


Backlash Against Goya CEO As Calls For Boycott Grow

NBC News contributor, Julio Ricardo Varela, joined Alex Witt to explain his most recent op-ed on the growing calls within the Latino community to boycott Goya Foods after Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue called President Trump a ‘blessed’ leader.


IMO, anyone who supports Trump is a Disgusting of a Piece of Shit and they’re STUPID and LAWLESS for supporting him.


CEO Robert Unanue doubled down, calling the boycott a ”suppression of speech.”Goya Foods, the New Jersey-based producer of many canned foods that have become staples in American homes, is facing calls for a boycott from prominent Latino voices after its CEO Robert Unanue lauded President Donald Trump.”We are so blessed to have you as our leader,” Unaue told Trump on Thursday at their public meeting, part of the president’s effort to court Latino supporters through a measure dubbed the ”White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative.

‘Trump has previously called Mexican immigrants ”rapists” who are ”bringing crime” and ”bringing drugs” to the U. S. His administration also has faced outrage for policies that have separated immigrant children from their parents at the southern border. Given the president’s past rhetoric on Latino issues and immigration, the backlash faced by Goya Foods has been swift. The hashtags #BoycottGoya and #Goyaway began trending on Twitter Thursday evening, with everyone from politicians to musicians calling for Americans to veer away from the company’s goods.


Goya Foods CEO “not apologizing” for praising President Trump

Family company’s top exec, Robert Unanue, calls an anti-Trump Goya boycott an attempt at “suppression of speech.”



Boycott Goya Foods!

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