Tag: George W. Bush gets Booed at President Obama’s Inauguration

Good Riddance BUSH

FINALLY, DUMB ASS BUSH Got What He Deserved!

I’ll never forget the moment when I saw this video. I was JUMPING up and down with GLEE! I’m sure people all over the world was as happy as I was.

The guy who thru his shoe (Muntadhar al-Zaidi) is a HERO who the world owes a great debt.

Mr. al-Zaidi… THANK YOU!!!


Good Riddance Bush (Tanks for the Memories)


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Bush Booed and Jeered during Inaugural pre-Introduction


Bush gets booed at President Obama’s Inauguration


Illegitimate President George W. Bush Stupidity Compilation! They don’t get much dumber than this dip-shit who wasn’t voted for or elected by the Majority. Another instance of what a fucked-up government we have which made the Republican Idiot who got the least votes, the “winner” screwing over the majority.


Idiot son of an asshole song / video