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Good Riddance CNN CEO Chris Licht: FIRED!

CNN in shambles, CEO Chris Licht fired after ratings declines, ending in a disastrous Donald Trump town hall

CNN CEO Chris Licht deserved to be fired for attempting to make CNN more Republican friendly, hosting a Trump Town Hall which propagated Trump’s lies, moving Don Lemon to a daytime talk show slot, then firing him, Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter


Chris Licht Finally Gets Canned After Centrist Vision For CNN Falls Flat




How Chris Licht Made CNN Even MORE Unwatchable

CNN Head Chris Licht proved he’s an IDIOT by attempting to attract Republicans viewers while he threw his journalists under the bus


CNN in Ratings FREEFALL After Disastrous Trump Town Hall!

Jesse talks about the latest shocking ratings that CNN is suffering following their ridiculous decision to host Donald Trump’s 70-minute commercial in the form of a Town Hall.




CNN promoting their forthcoming Trump town hall as if Trump is a normal person who was not arrested and did not incite a riotous insurrection


Trump Town Hall Lies


Trump town hall: How the media covers a seditious presidential candidate


10 questions for CNN to ask the twice-impeached, and now indicted, former president



CNN & Chris Licht SUCKS for Firing Don Lemon after to stood up to OPINIONATED IDIOT Vivek Ramaswamy



Trump, Ramaswamy and scum-of-the-earth Republicans were DELIGHTED that Don Lemon was fired because he consistently called out & exposed their LIES and false statements. Chris Licht is a piece of SHIT who can EAT SHIT for firing truth teller, Don Lemon. #FUCKCNN #CNNCanEatShit


CNN & Chris Licht SUCKS for Firing Brian Stelter

Lawless Republicans & Lyin’ Right Wing Media were DELIGHTED that Brian Stelter was cancelled because he consistently called out & exposed their LIES.


Lawless piece of shit Right-Winger THUGS make death threats to Don Lemon and Brian Stelter



CNN & Chris Licht SUCKS for Firing Chris Cuomo


There can be no compromises with today’s conspiracy-fueled, hate-filled Republican Party. It’s the duty of every reputable News Organization to relentlessly call out and expose Republicans for the dirty rotten Liars and Threat to Democracy which they are.









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