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Christian Radio Network Fires Spokesperson After Pro-Vaccine Remarks

National Religious Broadcasters, an international association of evangelical communicators prove to be anti-science idiots from the dark ages by firing a Spokesperson after he made Pro-Vaccine Remarks.


The above graph shows how covid cases dropped in June-July 2021 after a large percentage of the population got their vaccine, then began to rise due to the Delta variant and idiots refusing to use masks and/or get the vaccine. These religious NUTS are causing death and destruction to our entire country due to their ignorance and stupidity.


Democracy-Hating, Religious Cult Qanon Believing Right-Wingers are Nothing New


The danger of religious misinformation around Covid vaccines – BBC News

As coronavirus vaccines are delivered across the world, leaders are working hard to build confidence in them.


Many Evangelicals say they won’t be vaccinated against Covid-19

CNN’s Elle Reeve reports on the misinformation and distrust that has contributed to many Evangelicals saying they won’t get the coronavirus vaccine.



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