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Baltimore Sun Should Be Boycotted & Staff Should Quit

The Baltimore Sun should be Boycotted & the Staff should quit after being taken over by executive of Sinclair Broadcast Group which engaged in Right Wing Republican Propaganda to promote TRUMP… the worst, most corrupt and most lawless President in history.

It appears that the new owner of the Baltimore Sun has an agenda to turn the Newspaper into Right Wing propaganda outlet so Baltimore Sun should be Boycotted & the Staff should quit




Baltimore Sun’s New Right-Wing Owner Kicks Things Off by Insulting Everyone on Staff

David Smith, of the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, is laying out a dangerous vision for Maryland’s largest daily newspaper.

Per the above article; “David D. Smith, the chairman of the monopolistic, conservative, local media empire Sinclair Broadcast Group, scooped up Baltimore’s hometown legacy paper last week for an unspecified, nine-figure dollar point—but his outsize ideas and a crude first impression might have just slapped a damper on the partnership from the get-go.

His TV empire’s local Baltimore station has been keen on a series of coverage blaming the city’s Black, Democratic mayor, Brandon Scott, for a flurry of local issues, including ongoing gun violence and education-related issues. And Smith’s tax records, obtained by the Associated Press, paint a clearer picture of the multimillionaire’s political affiliations, with donations to far-right political messaging machines like Project Veritas and Turning Point USA. Campaign contributions by the 73-year-old have also generally veered Republican for the last couple decades, according to a report by the Center for Public Integrity.”


Sinclair Broadcasting engaged in Propaganda by forcing their many local stations to run one-sided segments praising Trump and his administration as shown in this video. This is a threat to democracy and similar to “State Run” TV seen in Russia or North Korea



The little-known local news giant Sinclair Broadcast Group forces its stations to run right-wing commentary – and it’s poised to get even bigger.


Trump and Republicans want to make the United States a Fascist authoritarian dictatorship like Russia.

TV news is supposed to be unbiased. Sinclair Broadcast Media threatened Democracy by forcing “Must-Run” Pro-Trump, Pro-Conservative Propaganda on Americans through local news outlets.


Everything you need to know about Sinclair’s takeover of local news – (Media Matters)

You’ve heard about Sinclair injecting right-wing propaganda into local news. Here’s an in-depth look into exactly how they’re doing it—and why it’s going to make Trump’s path to re-election a whole lot easier. (Is Sinclair sneaking radical right ring spin into your local news? Find out on our map at FindSinclair.com)


Trump Crony Boris Epshteyn has joined forces with Sinclair Media to force “Must-Run” Pro-Trump News Propaganda stories on Americans through trusted local news outlets


Boris Epshteyn loses fight with twitter parody account


Sinclair Broadcast Group: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Sinclair Broadcast Group is the largest owner of local TV stations in the country. That’s alarming considering that they often inject political views into local news.


Ex-Sinclair reporter: It was a culture of misogyny, xenophobia

Former Sinclair-owned station reporter Jonathan Beaton speaks out about his experience inside the company and what happened when he tried to leave.


Hungary Is a Version of What Republicans Wants For The U.S.

Chief national correspondent at the New York Times, Mark Leibovich, and former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence, Frank Figliuzzi, react to Fox News’ anchor Tucker Carlson’s bizarre choice to host his show from Hungary, a country with an authoritarian regime.


Thom Hartmann explains how Victor Orbán and his Radical Right-Wing Party took over the once Democratic government in Hungary and turned it into a anti-democratic authoritarian fascist one-party-rule dictatorship where elections & the courts are rigged, all of the media is state controlled and praise for Victor Orbán Propaganda is seen everywhere.


Sinclair TV chairman to Trump: ‘We are here to deliver your message’

The rightwing broadcaster met Trump at the White House to pitch a potentially lucrative new product to officials


There is no audience for Boris Epshteyn’s pro-Trump propaganda, so Sinclair forces it on people

For nearly a year now, Sinclair Broadcast Group has been mandating that its local news stations air commentary segments from former Trump aide Boris Epshteyn.



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