Steve Bannon Looks Like a Drunk!

Representative for New York’s 2nd congressional district Peter King (R) stated: Steve Bannon “looks like some disheveled drunk who wandered on to the political stage” says Alabama vote was a “revulsion by people” of Bannon’s style and political views.

I agree with Peter King! Ever since I first saw Steve Bannon, I thought he looked like a drunk and homeless bum who sleeps on park benches, who probably has BO and Halitosis (bad breath).

King is calling for the GOP to cut all ties with Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon saying that Bannon has no place on the national political stage.

ANYONE who listens to Bannon and believes his BS is a dumb MF!





The only thing Trump and Republicans want to do is give tax breaks and government hand-outs to the wealthy, take away people’s Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Healthcare and increase military spending.


Bannon supporting Trump while preaching populism and trying to get poor & middle class people to vote for Republicans is NUTS! Republicans are for big businesses and the rich. Anyone who makes less than $50K per year who listens to and believes his BS is either nuts, delusional or uninformed.


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